Parenting: Skincare for Babies during Autumn? Follow these Tips
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fantastic skin care tips for babies

Skincare for Babies During Autumn? Follow these Tips

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | October 25, 2022

The autumn season means relief from the scorching sun, more time outdoors, and festivities. It also means strong winds that can dry your little one’s skin. As the seasons change, so do the skin care needs of your baby. Make sure to pay extra attention to your baby’s skin during autumn.

In comparison to adult skin, baby skin is substantially thinner. It is much gentler and more delicate. It is more sensitive to variations in the humidity and temperature of the environment. During the cooler months, your baby’s skin is more vulnerable to irritants, infections, rashes, and allergies.

If you are a first-time mother, who wants to learn all the remedies to protect your baby’s skin from the changing weather, you have come to the right place. We have 8 secret and not-so-secret tips to keep your baby’s skin supple and healthy. Read on!

8 fantastic skin care tips for babies that mothers swear by

1. Gentle cleansing

It’s not just the mother who needs a proper cleansing and moisturizing regimen. It’s for your baby as well. Gently cleanse your baby’s skin daily. The kind of cleanser you use makes a world of difference. Do not use products that are meant for adult skin. Baby’s skin is different and needs a product that fulfills all those requirements.

Choose a product that is made using natural, soothing ingredients. To rinse the body properly, take the cleanser in your hand and rub it between your palms to activate the ingredients and emulsify them. Massage the body of your precious one gently with rhythmic motions.

Rinse the body with lukewarm water (not hot nor cold) and pat dry using a cotton towel.

2. Moisturizer

This step should be followed after cleansing. When the body is dry, take a generous amount of moisturizing cream specially made for babies, and apply it all over the body. Use a feather touch while applying the cream, and show extra love to elbows and knees.

Just like the cleanser, ensure the moisturizer is also made with natural ingredients, does not contain any sulfates or parabens, and is approved by dermatologists.

The product should be pH-balanced not to irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Choose a moisturizer with many natural oils and plant butter since they are rich in nutrients and essential fats that may soothe the skin.

3. Baby wipes

This is an excellent tip approved by mothers all over the world. Keep a packet of baby wipes with you at all times. They may come in handy when you go outdoors and do not have access to clean washrooms. The wipes formulated especially for babies do not contain any alcohol or hash chemicals. They are soothing and have ample moisturizer in them.

Baby wipes serve as a substitute when your baby urgently needs a bath. They enable you to remove dirt, sweat, and filth from your baby’s skin and ensure that your child stays cool and clean.

Special tip: These wipes are equally effective on your skin as well. So need to pack extra wipes for yourself.

– have specially formulated baby wipes that are perfect for a baby’s delicate skin. They can remove impurities and gently cleanse the skin leaving behind a special fragrance that will leave your baby’s skin refreshed.

4. Hydration

Since the weather is pleasant during the autumn, your precious child will not ask for as much water as he/she used to in summer. But that does mean the body requirements have gone down. Keep your baby well-hydrated at all times.

Sometimes, when a baby is not getting enough water, he/she might get rashes or flaky skin. Whenever these symptoms arise, look back and see if the baby has been given enough water or not.

Ensure you are aware of the various warning signs of dehydration, including the absence of tears when sobbing and a decreased frequency of urination.

Special mamy tip: To keep track of the amount of water, you can set alarms for different time intervals. Every time the timer goes off, feed your baby water slowly.

5. Emphasis on natural products

The first line of defense for babies against the external world is their delicate skin. It needs time to get accustomed to the external world since all it knows is the mother’s womb. Although meant for babies, products that have chemicals and artificial fragrances can irritate their vulnerable skin.

Therefore, natural products that are free of harmful radicals are safer alternatives to scented or strong antibacterial products that could result in rashes and dryness. Trying new items on your baby’s skin is not advised to prevent any potential response. Use items that are made especially for babies, such as gentle baby soaps, tear-free shampoos, and dermatologist-approved lotions. Keep an eye out for your baby’s growing sensitivities to the items being used, and do not think twice before asking for help from a doctor if necessary.

6. Skin issues in babies

Babies can get rashes and acne from products and unfavorable environments. Do not confuse their acne with adult acne.

It is essential to visit a doctor in such a situation for treatment. A skin infection known as atopic dermatitis, which is popularly known as eczema can occasionally affect infants. Eczema may result in dry, scratchy, thickened, and scaly skin, occasionally with red areas. Since eczema is a hereditary skin condition, treating it properly can help keep it under control. Most infants who experience eczema often heal gradually if given proper attention.

7. Let the skin breathe

Although it’s the autumn season, avoid covering your little one with unnecessary layers. First-time mothers frequently tend to keep their young ones covered and wrapped all the time in a bid to keep them safe. Your infant must stay cool and breathe in the fresh air. Therefore, don’t be frightened to remove any unnecessary layering. Your kid will feel more comfortable and will stay in a good mood.

8. Exposure to the sun

How much sun exposure is too much? A lot of mother’s wrestle with this question. Let’s try to understand this. The sun is less harsh during autumn, but you should not let your guard down.

It is not advisable to expose a baby’s delicate skin to strong sunlight, particularly during the first few months after birth, as this might cause sunburn. When going outside in the sun, keep the infant appropriately covered with long sleeves, full trousers, and hats and cover any exposed skin with baby-safe sunscreen.

Final Thoughts

Motherhood is a challenging but enriching journey. The most significant part is that you are not alone in this journey. It is normal to feel overwhelmed after giving birth. Take small baby steps, and we assure you, you will figure it out. And for the times when you have no idea what to do, we are here with all the solutions.

Mamy Poko Pants stands solidly with you as you embark on your exciting parenthood journey. Our diapers and wipes are designed to keep your baby dry, comfortable and in good cheer in every season. Use Mamy Poko Pants and Baby wipes and let your little ones be comfortable in their own skin.

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