Signs that you’re ready to be a parent

I still remember the day when I got married to him and how my life changed from a girl to a woman. Things changed suddenly but with his love, support & care, I was able to manage everything.

The bonding becomes stronger day by day and we created a very beautiful relationship, everyone used to ask us when we are going to tell them the news of our baby?

But at that time we were not ready for it.

Yes, we felt that this is a decision which has to be taken by both, after all it’s a big responsibility.

While thinking all such things, two years passed after marriage. One night we were talking to each other and discussing about the baby.

We both felt that it’s the right time to plan for a baby as now we are financially secure, moreover, the important thing was that we both were mentally and emotionally ready for it.

The signs that helped us realize that it was the right time to plan a baby are as follows:

  • Both should be physically fit and fine.
  • Emotionally both the partners should agree
  • The bonding between the couple makes them realize to welcome a baby in this new world 
  • Family support should be there 
  • Financially the couple should be strong so that they don’t get any difficulty in bringing up the kids 
  • When seeing a baby it brings a smile on couple’s face 
  • When partner starts playing with other’s kids and happily take part in all the activity with them
  • Age factor also matters, because it’s not good to plan late, to conceive a baby.
  • When the couple feels some emptiness in their life and wants to fill it with the arrival of their kid.

And this is what we realized that day. Though parenting is not easy, one has to be very strong physically and mentally both.

As in order to take proper care of a baby we need to have a lot of patience, master the way to handle the situation in a calm way, as the arrival of a baby brings lots of changes in our life.

Those who are very punctual and believe in keeping their house, room clean have to keep patience as kids will mess up everything.

Arrival of a kid in parents’ life bring lots of change, it’s not easy that they will be able to live a carefree life, like before, we can say freedom will be gone for few years so as to ensure proper care of the kid. 

There are many difficulties but it’s also a fact that it brings the couple closer to each other by taking care of the kids together. The bonding will be stronger.

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