Motherhood surprises you should watch out for

Embracing motherhood is an amazing experience and nothing compares to the feeling that you get when you hold your baby for the first time in your arms! An amazing journey is about to begin for you, but despite the fact that you think you might be prepared to face what lies ahead, you should also be prepared to be surprised from time to time in this journey of yours.

Sometimes babies cry without any reason

Babies cry! That is a fact, they cry when they are hungry, or have soiled their diapers or even when they are cranky and are trying to fall asleep. As a mother, finding out the reason for your little one’s distressed state can seem like a matter of life and death. After all, no mother wants to see their little one’s face scrunched up, looking upset.

You try everything that comes to your mind to solve the mystery behind your baby’s cries, and most of the time you come out victorious. But sometimes it happens, that despite having tried everything under the sun, your little one still continues to cry. Well, know this, sometimes baby’s just cry, without any reason, and that is perfectly ok. We understand that it can be difficult for you to realize that sometimes you cannot do anything to ease your little one’s irritation, but just letting it go can actually prove to be quite liberating.

Unworn clothes are common

Who does not love to go shopping for their newly born little ones? So the first time you go shopping you decide to binge shop for your cherub and end up buying quite a lot of things for him/her! But you also have to come face to face with one very important fact when it comes to clothes and your new born. Not all clothes will be worn!

You may not notice this in the beginning, but your little one will grow at an exceptionally high rate. Because of this, a lot of the clothes you might have bought, will end up being small for them, sooner than you could even expect! So maybe the next time you decide to go shopping for the little one, don’t buy a lot of things!


Being cautious about the little one’s health comes with the motherhood territory without a doubt, but sometimes motherhood can take this concern to the next level altogether. Even a slight cough or a sneeze from your baby starts seeming like the end of the world for you!

So you decide to do what you do best, Google! However, Googling just seems to add to your woes and ends up making you more paranoid about the whole thing! So a doctor’s visit comes into play! Here is where your doctor is able to make you understand that sometimes, a sneeze or a cough can mean only that, and nothing too serious or life threatening! But worrying is now a part of your life, and it is completely understandable!

Every step of the way, you will come across many challenges and surprises on this journey! But the whole adventure has just begun and by the time your little one is old enough, you will appreciate the fact that you go through those very challenges and surprises, with flying colours!

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