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Life of a Parent

Life of a Parent

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | May 19, 2018

Congratulations, you have now welcomed a new life into this world, and the journey ahead is going to be anything but easy! It might come naturally to you, but remember, motherhood or fatherhood is one adventure, that will keep you on your toes, every step of the way!

A lot of things change when you become a parent and sometimes, these changes can be permanent ones as well. Your life is now going to be full of surprises, and neither the number of books you read on parenting nor the many articles you go through on the internet, are going to be able to prepare you for what lies in store for you ahead.

The joy that your little cherub will bring you, knows no bounds but the little one will also bring you a lot of sleep deprivation for sure! In the beginning, the whole experience might start seeming like one that you won’t be able to get through. But trust us, when you look past all those hardships and sleepless nights, you will understand that it was all worth it!

The best way wherein you will be able to take care of your sleep deprived self is by establishing and maintaining a new sleep-pattern and this pattern should essentially match that of your little one’s! For example, start taking notice of when your baby wakes up, is hungry, soils his/her diapers and when he/she falls asleep. Change your body’s clock according to it and match your sleep pattern accordingly. This will help you tremendously in the long run.

But despite all the sleepless nights that you may spend taking care of that little bundle of joy of yours, you will always, by the end of the day, count your blessings for that bundle you hold in your hand!

From the moment your first hold your baby in your arms, to the moment he/she decides to try their hand (or feet) at talking a walk, and tumbling over, every precious moment and gesture like those, will keep you fulfilled and happy all through this wonderful journey of being a parent!

Your world now fully and completely revolves around that munchkin and for him/her, you are their world. Can anything really be better than that feeling? We think not!

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