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International Day of the Family

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | May 15, 2018

Family is an integral part of any and every society and to celebrate this very amazing part of everyone’s life, the International Day of Families is celebrated on the 15th of May, every year! This brilliant observance is celebrated across the world and especially in the headquarters of the United Nations itself. Announced in 1993 by the UN General Assembly, the celebration marks the importance that the community all over the world places on the need for family!

The main motive of celebrating this day is to pay attention to the significance that a family holds across this world of ours, and all the issues that are affecting those very families! The day, in itself offers an amazing platform via which problems and concerns relating to the family as a unit can be addressed, and maybe even solved.

This wonderful occasion is an ideal one to help memorialize and celebrate the core of various societies, families, cultures and people from all walks of life and from around the globe. And did you know that the day itself, also has a symbol in its honour; a solid green coloured circle, with a red house and heart shape situated in the middle of it?

Ofcourse, without a doubt, families all across the globe have been going through transformations of their own over the many decades that have existed, but it still stands to reason, that a family, under any circumstance, is truly and genuinely the basic unity of a society.

Did you know that the day itself has inspired many events that help raise awareness about the conditions of families across the globe? Even activities, that might seem insignificant to some, like workshops, newspaper articles, seminars, conferences and radio and tv programs, help in bringing about a change in the condition of many families that live on this earth.

There is always a theme associated with the International Day of Families every year, and like every year, this year too was no exception. This year’s theme is Families and Inclusive Societies. Under this theme, the International Day of the Family, will look into the role and significance of families when it comes to promoting peaceful societies to take the idea of sustainable development forward, with fervour.

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