How your relationship changes after a baby

Having a baby is certainly one of the most awesome parts of a relationship, but the relationships often go through some of the significant changes after baby comes along. Being new parents puts extra pressure on relationship with partner. Hence as a result of these sudden changes, many couples find themselves running into relationship problems. If you too are going through the same phase, then you are certainly not alone. So here I am summing up some of the ways marriage changes after having a baby, and what steps you can take to keep your relationship strong.

Priority Changes

The adorable cutie pie in your life is sure to pull all the strings and as a consequence you can forget about putting your romantic relationship first. Your partner will surely not be your number one priority anymore, but he will make a quite strong number two.

How to deal:

You need to understand that your life now revolves around the little baby, as he is dependent on you for all small-small things- Accept it and as soon as possible.

Baby changes your daily schedule

With your lives suddenly being structured around the little baby and his/her daily care, your pre-baby and post-baby schedule is sure to witness a great change. With the little one getting awake during night more often, and crying too, this is sure to disturb the sleep of both of you.

How to deal:

The best way to deal with this situation and keep your relationship quite strong is to negotiate your roles with each other and share your expectations too.

Less personal space, hence more conflicts

With the arrival of baby, there are so many things to do and that too in quite a short time. With all such extra responsibilities, you will not be getting enough time for yourself or for your relationship. And this might end up arguing a lot, avoiding discussion or feeling bad, angry and ‘disconnected’.

How to deal:

Figure out who will do what and make sure to review your plans from time to time.

Not having much time for your relationship

From lovers to parents, this is indeed the single biggest relationship change that occurs when baby arrives in a relationship. While mother gets busy in taking proper care of the baby, father gets busy in his work for a better financial future. Though both the partners have love for each other deep in their heart, but the disconnect is real.

How to deal:

Both partners need to understand that if they are not getting enough time to connect with each other, then they should not feel sad. With the kids growing up, it will certainly get easier.

Feeling Helpless and Frustrated

Having a baby certainly comes with a whole sort of responsibilities. If your baby is crying and even after doing all that you can do to settle or calm him/her, he/she is not getting quiet, then this may lead to helplessness and frustration for both of you.

How to deal:

Both the partner should try to help each other out. Try to plan out the work. Try to be there for each other and share the load.

Sometimes even after giving your best in the relationship, it does not work out the way you want. You might feel hopeless and get angry with your partner, thus adversely affecting your relationship. So my advice for this is to focus on what a great job you’re doing as new parents. It becomes good to negotiate your roles and share expectations. Making time for each other can help too, to keep relationship strong.

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