How to plan a schedule when you have twins

“Double the giggles, double the grins. Double the trouble, when you are blessed with twins.” Yes, it’s nerve-wrecking to work 24/7 to raise twins. As blessed as parents feel, it is equally difficult to maintain a balance between work and new born package of two. Whether you are a working mom or a stay home mom, it is extremely HARD to organize your day. Being a mom means to be constantly on ‘on’ mode to tackle anything anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are the most organised person in the world. Being a mom forces you to re-structure your daily life and fine tune your household system. Here are few guiding pointers that will aid to plan your schedule when you are on duty with two tiny tots:

  • At the beginning of each week make a general weekly plan and then a day to day plan. Your laundry, appointment with the doc., grocery shopping … should be a part of your weekly planner. The day to day planner should have the basic chores in the list.
  • Use your babies as a GUIDE. Use your babies’ feeding and sleeping schedules to create a basic structure for your day. Knowing when they should eat and their sleep duration will give you time frames for when you can run your daily errands.
  • Enrol yourself with ME & MY BABIES CLASSES like play groups or swimming lessons, toy library etc. This will give you leisure time as well as teach kids to socialize and interact with other kiddos.
  • Perfect your Multi-tasking Skills.  There will be a time when you will have your babies napping and at the same time you will have to do their laundry, wash feeding bottles, clean your house and do other things. All you need to have is a SYSTEM. It doesn’t matter what it looks like.
  • Don’t Forget To Feed Yourself.  You need to remember only if you are in the pink of health; you will be able to take care of your babies. So eat when your babies are sleeping or playing.
  • Make Time For You. Never underestimate the power of five minutes of peace and quiet. The afternoon is a great time to relax and have your “me” time.  It’s the time when babies are cuddled up in their couches. Put on your headphones, blast your favourite jam and dance!!
  • Remember You Are Not Alone.  Rely on your partner, nearby family and friends. Remember to ask for help and communicate your needs. 
  • Grant Yourself A Little Grace And Forgiveness. It is easy to get down on yourself when you don’t get to do everything that’s on your list. Some days you will be able to accomplish every task on the list someday not. It’s okay! Relax and take it as it comes.

Remember, the days seem long, but the years are short. Some days you will be surviving between each nap and feeding and sometimes it’s going to be a smooth road. Slow down and enjoy the ride. Find a structure that suits you and works for you. Both jobs are incredibly important for your family. Don’t downplay the importance of your role. It’s the hardest, yet most rewarding job out there!!

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