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How can toddlers bond with their Grandparent?
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How can toddlers bond with their Grandparent?

Alternative Text By: Abba Lanong | July 6, 2018

Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.

Grandparents and grandchild enjoy a special and sacred relationship.

What is it about grandparents that is so lovely?

It is amazing to see grandparents and grandchildren form strong bonds despite the age difference between them.

Bonding with grandparents is important as they play a crucial role in nurturing children.

Grandparents are an important part of childhood and I see the importance of grandparents’ roles reflected in my child’s emotional and social well- being. The love of a grandparent for his/her grandchild will never cease.

Here is how you can help your toddler bond with their grandparents.

Be a role model

Children will follow what their parents do. While nobody expects us to be a “perfect” parent, it is not that complicated to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children. Bear in mind always set an example and show your love and care for your parents and in laws – these are few things children learn at a very young age.

Get Crafty

Spending time making craft creates some wonderful memories of getting messy and creative. There are limitless possibilities for what they can make or imagine together and this can help them bond together.

Bend the Rules

Rules and setting limits are an important part of learning what is right and wrong and it helps keep children safe from harm. However it’s okay to break rules sometimes especially if it means strengthening the bond between a child and the grandparents. Small and harmless secrets like a secret stash of cookies etc. are great ways to bond.

Keep up the interaction

Regular communication is the key to healthy relationships for grandparents who live far away from their grandchildren. However, the internet can enhance the experience; make sure there is regular communication between them. This can be through internet or over the phone, video calling, etc.

Story time / Reading

The intimacy between kids and grandparents can increase by simple reading. If grandparents read out a book or a chapter to young child, they will remember things forever.

Learning skills

As parents, we should encourage our kids to learn a new skill from grandparents like how to shuffle a deck of cards or braid hair into pigtails or show older kids how to throw a curveball or paint with oils.

Whatever the lesson, the children will always remember that they learned it from their grandparents.

Needless to say, the feelings are reciprocated by the grandchildren who tend to value, love, and cherish the relationship they share with their grandparents.

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