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Best birthday gifts for babies over a year old

Alternative Text By: Pallavi Gunni | September 3, 2018

Birthday is the time for celebration. It’s that time of the year that the family looks forward to the most. Birthday is also known as a milestone achieved by the baby. It’s the time when one walks down the memory lane as to how quickly time passes. Apart from the celebration and creating new memories, birthday is all about gifts. Who doesn’t love gifts? Kids love birthday parties because of the gifts they receive. They eagerly wait for their birthday day because of the birthday gifts.

Birthday is all about birthday gifts and one must analyse what gift they should give. There are different factors that can help one to choose the gift. Therefore birthday gift ideas for babies over a year old are:

Musical walker

As your child is one plus, he will be moving all around; gifting a musical walker will help them to stand straight without any support; they will become more confident in standing up and walking.

Wooden push and pull toys

As the baby is big enough to move around the house, push and pull toys with wheels are the best idea for a gift. The push and pull toys also helps in the development of a child.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games with cartoon character or fruit shape can be bought. These are easy and colourful to remember and hence beneficial to baby.

Building block games

Building block games are the most loved game by kids all over.

Drum set

Babies are music lovers, so why not encourage them? Maybe they will become a musician in the future if guided in the right direction.

Rocking ride on

Rocking ride on is an ideal gift for the baby as the to and fro movement helps the baby to develop firm grip, it also strengthens the muscles.

Musical toy set/doll

Musical toys are best for babies as they are more inclined to the sound that is coming from the toy.

Musical rhymes / soft / touch book’s

Introduce the baby to musical rhymes or touch or feel story books; the books will keep the kid occupied and on the same time, it will help them to develop fine motor skills.

Baby Tricycle

It helps the baby to develop gross motor skills in the most fun way and is perfect for gifting purpose.

Toy Slide

As the baby is old enough to walk and play, a slide can also be the option for the gift. It will help the movement of the body muscles, which is again beneficial for the development of the baby.

Colourful pool of balls

Kids’ favourite activity is to throw, so why not gift him a pool full of toxin free balls. This will also help the kid to develop his motor skills and he would really love you for this.


Peekaboo – that’s what kids do. They too need their private space, so that they can hide their things or some time throw tantrums and rush to their space.

I have listed the most loved birthday gifts one wishes to receive on his special day. Birthday presents display the love and affection of one. There are many options one can choose from, but the best gift would be toy/gifts that help a child develop his fine motor skill. Nowadays even the paediatricians advise to enhance your child skills with various toys.

The gift ideas mentioned above is not a compulsion to buy. You can buy what you like within your budget or style. One can also gift cash or gift vouchers so that the parent can take what is required for a child.

You too can share your gift ideas or what you would love to receive as a gift for your kid on his special day in the comment section.

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