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10 Healthy Tips For Mammies

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | May 8, 2021

It’s no surprise that a healthy and happy mom leads to healthier and happier kids. Being healthy and happy, moms can be more active when it comes to taking care of their children or spending quality time with them. So this Mother’s Day, use these 10 tips for a healthier and happier you.

5 Tips for Better Health

Get some natural air

You can step out to your own balcony and get some fresh air or you can take a walk on the terrace. Breathing fresh air is not only good for the body, but also helps relax the mind.

Stock up healthy snacks

Juggling work and managing kids can tire you out and make you reach for those sweet snacks or carbs. However, you can add some fruits and wholewheat munchies for healthier snack options.

Do some light exercises

You can fit in some light exercises spread throughout the day to feel energized and also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some easy at-home exercises can include taking the stairs, doing chair squats before sitting down, light yoga poses etc.

Find some ‘Me’ time

We understand all the chores and responsibilities can get you down but find some ‘me’ time during the day or week, as frequently as you need it. This could involve a warm bath, reading a few pages, tending to your plants or even just listening to some soothing music.

Get adequate sleep

Not getting adequate sleep can not only hamper your health but also make you feel sluggish and irritable throughout the day. So set a routine and try to follow a sleep schedule that allows you adequate time to catch up on that much needed rest.

5 Tips for Happier Moms

Develop a schedule

Having a schedule in these times when every activity is happening at home, is of utmost importance. Having a schedule in place or even simply jotting down your to-dos in the morning can help you make the most of every day.

Have a meal plan in place

Like everything else, having a plan in place for the meals of the week can help take away the stress of wondering what to eat. This also helps you buy things more judiciously thus reducing waste and optimizing health.

Ask for help

We know moms are supermoms but every person needs some time off – so don’t forget to ask for help. The others in the family could watch over the kids for a while, or lend you a hand in the kitchen or just be a patient listener.

Declutter your home

We know having kids can also mean having messy areas in the house – but the physical clutter can lead to mental clutter and stress. While you organize and declutter, make it fun by teaching the kids how to organize their toys and school supplies properly at the end of play or study time.

Find a family stressbuster activity

List down some fun and stress busting activities that the family can do together. It could include story time, board games, movie nights or even cooking a meal together – try out what works best for your family.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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