All you should know about Fetal Surgeries

Fetal surgeries have become quite common in the recent times. In order to prevent any kind of anomalies when your baby is in the fetal stage and before it causes any harm to the fetus, necessary action needs to be taken. This is where the need for fetal surgeries arises!

This is one field that is facing massive growth in terms of technological advancements. Things like utero intrapartum therapy, open mid-gestation procedures (like lung malformation or myelomeningocele repair) are able to take place due to these very advancements in technology.

But one needs to remember that these fetal surgeries should only be performed on healthy women since complications arising in surgeries performed on comparatively less healthy women could lead to complications, not only for her, but for her baby also.

There is always counseling of families involved where the doctors make sure to let them know about the potential benefits and risks associated with the surgery. In most of the cases, surgery is only considered if an anomaly is disturbing or compromising cardiovascular functions.

But thanks to refined nature of the fetal surgeries nowadays, the mortality rate of the expecting mother and her child has gone down. From new equipments being developed to new techniques being used, complications in such cases and surgeries have decreased to a large extent.

Did you know that in the late 20s itself, the fetus came to be recognized as a patient by himself/herself, separate from the mother. Thanks to the powerful imaging techniques, one was able to keep track of the fetal development and even detect any anomalies that might exist.

Things like the microminiaturization of surgical tools to the use of laser and radio-frequency tissue cutting devices and diseased gene testing, has truly had a wonderful affect on the fetal surgery front.

With the day to day technological development and innovation taking place, it is not hard to imagine that in the near future things like fetal anomalies and fetal deaths would be a thing of the past! Technology truly has improved our standard of living!

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