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Things to look forward to when first baby arrives

Alternative Text By: Pradnya Salve | February 1, 2019

“Mother” –  a phase, a feeling which every girl wants to experience in her life, and I too remember the day, when I got to know that I am going to be a mother soon, my happiness was beyond any expression that day. It was indeed a special feeling and a question to myself, am I actually going to be a mom soon?

 Well, those were the beautiful 9 months of my life, but then I had to take care of a few things too in order to ensure everything is perfect for the arrival of my darling. I started listing the things which should be needed. So that it wouldn’t get difficult for my family to handle everything when I am in the hospital. Here I have listed few things that I thought were important at that point in time.

Preparing nursing bag:- Night suit, Blanket, Towel, Undergarments, baby clothes, swaddles, toiletries, waterproof small mat, Waterproof bed pad, soft pillow for baby, Diaper & Wipes, Feeding Bottle, Mosquito net for baby, New born car seat, maternity inner wears, one set of fresh clothes

Some important stuff that I added to my nursing or say hospital bag – I was stuck by the creativity bug and hence I made all the dresses for the baby from my husband’s and father in law’s shirts. As it’s a tradition in our family to use used clothes on babies smaller than 40 days – me with the help of my mother-in-law prepared the small napkins, shirts, pants, caps and everything required for a new born. Making clothes for your little one is such a wonderful experience and you can also keep it for memory sake. I have preserved everything I made so that I can show it to my kid when he grows up.

The feeling and happiness on the arrival of the first baby is always very special and it will be. I also made a schedule for everyone in the family so that we don’t miss out anything in last minute hassles. However no matter how much planning you do, you always tend to forget one or more important thing that would be required by the baby. But that’s okay; you can always make last minute purchase, after all that’s what parenting after all means- be ready for any situation thrown at you. Don’t forget to capture all this moments it will be your memories for rest of your life.

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