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How Singing or Playing Music Helps Your Baby?
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How Singing or Playing Music Helps Your Baby?

Alternative Text By: Abba Lanong | May 19, 2018

All parents know that singing or playing music can soothe a baby. And I was no different – I discovered that music has a powerful effect on babies and infants. Introducing your baby to tunes is an easy and enjoyable way to interact with your baby in his/her first year and can help set the stage for lifelong musical development.

Babies have a natural inclination for music as they have for language and sounds. I grew up listening to different kinds of music. Singing comes pretty naturally to me and I’ve noticed that most parents, even those who don’t normally carry a tune, seem to sing to their babies, even if just at bedtime. I still sing to my baby constantly and it has become a bedtime ritual.

Playing music and singing has helped my child to create bond and memories with our favourite songs and inherit our culture. It has helped in improving language, memory, focusing attention and also physical coordination and development. There are days when it rains and only music can heal the both of us.

In addition to this, here are few ways in which singing and playing music have helped my baby:

Helping Form Relationships

I strongly believe that music and singing plays an important role in building babies’ emotional base and helping them gain a sense of confidence. Music has helped establish a healthy relationship between the two of us.

Improve Social Skills

My child is a combination of extrovert and introvert personalities; music and singing has helped my child develop social skills. The first place we learn social skills, of course is at home. Music and singing plays an important role in helping my child form social relations.

Singing with My Child

As my child grows, she enjoys singing with me, setting words to music actually helps her brain learn more quickly and retain them longer. My child is now 3 years old and she has been very expressive through music and singing.

Increases my Child’s Sensory Development

As a parent I have noticed that singing and playing music has helped her stimulate the brain, at least briefly. I have noticed that even at an early age, my child recognised and moved her hands in response to music.

Singing and playing music is a fabulous teaching tool and a source of joy for kids and families. There’s something about music that appeals to our little ones and grabs their attention.

So it’s time to make your little munchkin listen to your favourite tunes and await their million dollar smile!

Did you sing to your little one? What were some things that your baby really enjoyed during these times? Share in the comments below!

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