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5 Tips to Pick the Right Kind of Diaper

Alternative Text By: Rakhi Parsai | May 19, 2018

As soon as my daughter was born, worry and care took a major place in my heart and soul. Her comfort and care had become my top priority. From ensuring her safety, caring for her needs to buying the best of baby care products for her – I had it all in my mind, all the time. Being a first-time mom not all things came easily to me. Few were learnt by me while on the job of being a mother, whereas few things were learnt by experiences of fellow moms.

A child is the most precious little thing for me and I wanted everything to be best for her. Products that suited her body and skin and were environment-friendly were on the top of my priority list. Usually parents start preparing for the arrival of their precious little baby way in advance but still, there are a few things that require proper planning and care while buying stuff for the child.

Being a working mum, I had to stay away at work, leaving my daughter at daycare and thus for us, the most important and essential baby care products were baby diapers. Most of the mums will have different preferences when it comes to choosing the baby diapers. However, it is important to understand the different varieties available in the market that suits your baby’s skin the best. I am sharing with you few tips that are worth considering before choosing the right kind of diaper for your baby. These are some factors that helped me pick the right diapers for my baby.

Baby size

Diapers are sized as per the child’s weight, hence parents need to take the baby’s size into account while choosing the diaper. Babies need bigger sizes as they grow, though it’s not necessary to one-up the size as soon as you see the signs of growth. Parents can follow the recommended size chart or weight range that is included on the packaging while choosing the diaper.

Diaper features

Every baby is different and may have different requirements for the diapers. Depending on the need, parents can choose the type of diaper they would want. In my experience, the pant style diapers are most comfortable for the baby as well as the parent. Also, there are other factors to be considered like the diaper material, softness on the baby’s skin, absorbing capacity, skin friendliness, convenience and other special features that help parents in determining the need for change.


While the comfort of the baby is important for parents; the cost of the diaper is an equally important factor in choosing the diapers for regular use. Being one of the essential products for daily use, they also require a substantial amount of money to be spent regularly. Hence while choosing the diaper do consider the costs that suit your pocket on monthly to yearly basis as well. Luckily, there are jumbo packs of diapers that are more economical than others.


I personally like the disposable diapers for the convenience it provides. It can be disposed easily after use and doesn’t require any kind of washing. They provide maximum dryness and don’t let your baby stay wet thus preventing rashes and other skin irritation.


This is one of the most important features to consider while buying a diaper. The absorption capacity of a particular diaper tells how much liquid it can absorb thus keeping the baby dry and comfortable for a longer duration. Leakage from the diaper leads to dampness which causes diaper rash. Hence, it’s advisable to choose a diaper that excels in absorbency.

With the kind of options and choices available in the market choosing one perfect diaper for your baby may seem endless. Diapers can be quite advantageous during the night time and also when you are heading out for a trip. Before settling in for one brand for your baby do consider these tips and weigh all your options available in the market. Hope you find these tips helpful.

Do share with us tips that you follow or followed before choosing a diaper for your baby.

Happy parenting!

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