What to know in-case of a premature birth

Premature births can get quite taxing for both the mother and child, emotionally and physically! We understand this and we try to help and support you through the whole process. Your premature little one might need to spend sometime at the hospital before he/she is well enough to come home to you, so don’t worry. However one cannot say how long the baby might need to stay in the hospital since every baby is different. The younger your little one is, the longer he/she might need in the hospital.

The main signs doctors look at before sending a baby back home to stay with his/her parents are

  • When the baby is able to breathe fine on his own without the support of machines.
  • Whether when placed in an open bed, the little one is able to maintain his/her body temperature.
  • Is able to breast feed on his/her own.

You might be conflicted in your emotions when it comes to taking your baby home with you. Ofcourse you want to get the little one settled and happy in an environment that you are familiar with. At the same time though, you might be feeling worried and anxious and questioning yourself as to whether you would be able to take care of the little one on your own without having the doctors and nurses around you to monitor the situation.

You don’t have to worry too much though. The doctors will never let your baby go, unless and until they are absolutely certain that he/she is in perfect health. In case of any doubts while taking your little one home with you, do not hesitate to ask your doctor about it.

Things you might be Worried About:

Breastfeeding might have seemed ok to you when you were in the hospital, but it might now seem like a monumental task to get through. All you have to keep reminding yourself when you become anxious about breast feeding is how much the breast milk will help the little one in the long run. The breast milk is one of the most important sources of nutrients for your kid that will help protect him/her from infections and illnesses. The milk also helps in ensuring that your cherub grows and develops into a healthy and happy individual!

Apart from all the health benefits that breastfeeding has to offer your little one it also helps in cementing the bond between you and your baby.

If you catch yourself checking on the breathing of your baby then don’t be surprised! Your motherly instincts have obviously kicked in and you probably want to protect your little one against each and every harmful thing. Being worried about his breathing pattern is perfectly normal! You might be scared to find that the little one has a slight irregular pattern of breathing but this too is normal in premature babies. This is basically due to the fact that the part of the baby’s brain that keeps a track and controls opening and closing of the windpipe, is still not mature enough. But you should only be concerned if the difference of time between each breath is more than 20 seconds. But if you are still in doubt, it won’t hurt if you do decide to call your doctor and tell him/her about your concerns! They are only there to help you get through the whole process!

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