Short Yoga Sessions For Moms To Toddlers

toddler is a child of 12 to 36 months old.  It is the time between infancy and childhood.  It is an important time for cognitive, emotional and social development.

 Your baby keeps you so busy that you might hardly find any time for yourself. And what better way to stay fit than to make your little one a part of your yoga regimen.

It’s easier for the mom to do the asanas when the baby is in the pre crawling stage. She can face the baby all the while in different postures while the baby lies close to her.

Synchronising breathing of the baby and mom is a terrific way for mom to calm down. Baby’s inhalations and exhalations are synced with moms breathing. This has a soothing effect on mom’s ruffled nerves.

The mom is all set to do more yogasanas after a year or more of having her baby. This is a fantastic age to connect emotionally with the toddler. You can have the baby close to you or actually have her participate in the movements.

Ideally, I do not advocate yogasanas for kids until they are about 10 to 12 years of age. However, this can be a bonding time.  Remember a toddler is in a yogic state all the time. What you are going to do as a mom is making her do a couple of movements and not making her hold a pose.

Mark out a specific yoga time about 10 to 15 minutes daily with your little one.  Start with any yogic prayer or mantra of your choice. Watch the little one say the prayer after you. Toddlers at this age are very quick with picking up sounds and languages.

Focus on doing all spinal movements either standing, seated, lying prone or supine. Let the choice of Asanas be yours. Some of the simple asanas are:

A side bend as in trikonasan, Ardha chandrasan

A twist as in Parivritrikonasan, Vakrasan, Markatasan

A backward bend as in Ardha chakrasan, Ushtrasan, Chakrasan, Marjaryaasan.

A forward bend as in Padahastasan, Sashankasan Paschimonotanasan

Balancing in Vrikshasan the mom can hold the toddler while she tries to balance. In Navkasan, having the toddler on her belly. This can increase her core strength

It is breathing in synchronisation or mimicking sounds of animals like Simhasana, the Lion roar or the humming sound of the bee as in Brahmari brings an element of fun for the toddler. The lion roar can help the mom when she feels low and Brahmari can take her to deep states of calm.

Most importantly lie down in Shavasan at the end of the session. Have the toddler lie on your belly and rest with conscious synchronization of breath.

Meditate in any seated posture of comfort with the toddler on your lap. The toddler may fall asleep. You can remain in this state as long as you can.

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