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Baby Poo: A descriptive guide to what’s normal and what isn’t (Part 1)

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | March 14, 2018

The quality/quantity and colour of your little one’s stool can tell you a lot about his/her health. However, you also have to understand that there are many factors that govern the colour, texture and quantity of your baby’s stool. Some of these might include:

  • Your baby’s age
  • Whether breast-fed or bottle-fed
  • If solid food has been started


We cannot say for a fact what the frequency of your baby’s stool would be since this differs from baby to baby. In the beginning, this will mostly depend on whether your baby is being fed breast-milk or formula milk.

Babies who are breastfed might have a huge variation when it comes to the frequency of your baby’s stool. From 4-5 times in a day to once in six to seven days, it could really be anything. Do not be concerned however, since this is perfectly normal. As long as your baby’s stools are soft and your little one is gaining the right amount of weight, he/she is healthy and happy!

Formula-fed babies on the other hand need to pass stool almost every day to make sure that they don’t get constipated. If you feel like your baby seems to be in pain while passing stool because he/she might seem to be crying or straining, then don’t fret, this is normal. All you have to do is observe whether the stool is soft or not.

Stools on Switching from Breast-milk to formula-milk:

If you are thinking of switching from breast milk to formula milk, then try to remember to do it slowly and over the time of several weeks. This helps by giving your little one’s digestive system time to adapt to the change and as a result, helps in avoiding constipation. Not only will this gradual change benefit your little one, but it will also help you reduce the risk of painful and swollen breast.

Once your baby becomes attuned to the formula milk he/she may just settle into a complete new and different potty routine.

Post Solid Food Stools:

The switch from formula/breastfed milk to solid food has a drastic effect on your baby’s stool. For example if you decide to feed the little one puréed veggies like carrots or peas, then the colour of his/her stool will change accordingly.

In case you decide to give your baby fibre rice foods like baked beans or raisins, then you will notice, that instead of being digested properly, they pass through the little one’s digestive system as a whole and come out in her stool as it is. This however will change as the little one grows up, and as this happens, his/her stools will also become darker in colour and smellier.

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