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Pregnancy Diet in First Trimester

Alternative Text By: Pallavi Gunni | November 4, 2018

Pregnancy diet or I should say healthy eating is very important for the would-be mommy. During pregnancy, the female’s body undergoes many changes and thus requires more nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the well-being of both.

A diet lacking in rich nutrient values may result in deficiency in babies. Same way eating too much or not eating healthy is equally bad for both. So it’s best advised to have a rich and healthy diet.

The first trimester is the most crucial time, as the body is going through physical & emotional changes. One needs to be emotionally and physically sound to go through all the changes.

Diet plays a very important role in pregnancy and one should religiously eat healthily and stay fit during these months. Therefore, we should follow some simple diet tips in the first trimester:

Dairy Products

Do you know why dairy products are recommended? Dairy products are derived from milk and milk substitute products are the best source of calcium and vitamins, which helps in building strong bones. Dairy products can be consumed in any form of milk, cheese, and curd.


Protein is equally important for mom and baby. Egg, lentils like kidney beans are the good source of protein.


Fruits are rich in fibre and vitamins; indulge in fresh fruit juices or fresh fruit(s). Avoid canned juices. Include citrus fruits such as an orange, lime as they are full of vitamins c. Eat whatever fruit you like or ones that suit you.

*Avoid raw papaya from your diet.


vegetables are the best source of iron, add green leafy vegetables to your diet. Choose vegetables that are dark in colour like red, green, yellow and orange.

Whole grain

Whole grains like whole wheat, oats, quinoa can prevent many health problems such as diabetes. Grain is essential for the growth of the placenta.

 Non-vegetarian diet

If you are a non-vegetarian than indulge in lean meat, chicken and fish. Be sure that the meat is washed and cooked well.


Drinking water is very necessary to stay hydrated. If the water level in amniotic sac is as required then it becomes easy for the baby to move and protects the foetus.

Last but not the least pregnancy is the time when the pregnant women crave for different food items. In short, eat what you like and avoid unhealthy food.

First Trimester is the most crucial time for a mother, as the baby is developing his entire organ and right diet is equally important for his growth. If the pregnant woman is lacking in some nutrients values, it may lead to birth defects. That’s why all doctors prescribe folic acid, iron, iodine and calcium medicine to one’s diet so that the baby grows healthy and fit because only healthy eating does not help initially. The first trimester is also the time when miscarriages take place, so it’s advisable to stay healthy, don’t take the stress and be happy.

Please note – Consult your doctor for any medical advice or before taking any medicine for vitamins and so on.

Always remember to follow, what your doctor advises you, he knows the best.

This content has been certified by our panelist Dr. Anjali Kumar

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