Pre-Pregnancy Calcium-Rich Foods to Have

Preparing your body for conception might just be the most important thing you decide to do before you decide to bring a new life into the world. There are so many nutrients that your body needs during your pregnancy and calcium happens to be one of the most essential ones.

There are also many foods from which you can obtain this amazing nutrient, and these are essentially foods that are quite easily available in your pantry itself.


It goes without saying that milk or any milk-based product is and has always been a great source of calcium. Try starting your day off with a glass of milk as this will definitely give you a great start to the day and help you stay fit all through.

However, if you are someone who is not overly fond of milk, then you can also indulge in various other sources of milk like yogurt, cheese and the likes. Indulge in foods rich in and made out of milk prior to trying to conceive and you are good to go!


Dates happen to be one of the most amazing sources of nutrients that you can find, out there. Dates also are extremely rich in calcium thus helping you safeguard your bones and teeth very effectively. Another great thing about dates is that they are not hard to find, and you can easily come across it in any grocery store too.

Available throughout the year, they can also be used to calm down your sweet tooth cravings in a much healthier manner when the need arises.


The best friend of those vegans who might think that they are not getting enough calcium from their normal diet, Tofu happens to be an amazing option on the truest sense of the word. One of the best super foods that anyone can ever come across, Tofu makes for an ideal option for vegan mums-to-be.

Apart from calcium of course, tofu also consists of iron, magnesium and proteins, nutrients that are crucial for any mother-to-be to stay healthy and happy.

Do not forget to add these foods to your diet prior to conception, as they will make sure that you are able to meet the calcium needs when you are pregnant with your tiny bundle of joy.

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