Nutritional Requirement & Facts for Mom and Baby

A mother and her child are always in essential need of optimum nutrition during every stage of their life. There are certain nutritional requirements and facts the one needs to keep in mind when talking about what mothers and their babies are in need of.

Nutritional Requirement and Facts for Moms

Welcoming a new life into the world can be a beautiful thing but you also have to keep in mind that for the past 9 months, you had been eating for both yourself and your little one. Once you have brought your little one into the world, your diet continues to play a crucial role in maintaining yours’ and your baby’s health!

The more nutritious your diet during this time, the better your body will recover and you will also get the much needed energy that is required for you to look after your little one.

There are a few nutrients in particular that you need during this stage to help lead your body on the path to recovery and also help take care of your child.


Protein happens to be one of the most crucial nutrients out there that will help your body recover from childbirth and is something that new mothers should have atleast five servings of each day and preferably seven servings, if you are breastfeeding. Food items like beans, soy products and lean meats are rich in protein and help you get your daily dose without much effort.


Iron helps your body make new blood cells, which proves to be very important, specially if you have lost a lot of blood during your delivery. Keeping a daily goal of 15 milligrams in mind, iron is present in tofu, poultry, meat and beans as well. Definitely something that needs to be added to your daily diet.


  • Remember to keep yourself hydrated and try to drink 5-10 glasses of water every day.
  • Keep healthy snacks like fresh veggies and fruits all the time with you. This will ensure that you do not reach for those unhealthy cookies or chips when you are hungry.
  • There is no shame in asking for help, especially from people who are close to you as sometimes you maybe too tired to do household chores or even cook after your delivery.

Nutritional Requirement and Facts for Babies

For the first 6 months, mother’s milk has all the essential nutrients that a new born needs, to make sure that he/she grows up healthy and happy. However, like a mother needs particular nutrients so does a baby.


Fats are an essential part of a baby’s nutritional requirement that helps provide babies with energy along with fat soluble Vitamins like A, D, E and K. Since a baby’s stomach is small, they need energy that is in a concentrated form and should, quantity-wise be something that their stomach is able to hold. Fats are also very important when it comes to the healthy development of a child’s brain and the eyes.


Protein plays a crucial role in the development of new cells in our body, which in turn is extremely important for a baby’s growth. Understandably, the intake of proteins is essential for a new born and something that can be found in breast milk itself.

Be it the mother or the baby, without the right kind of nutrition and diet, neither can grow healthy. So in such situations, the need for the right kind of nutrition plays an important role, making sure that both of them lead a healthier life.

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