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Food recipes to feed baby

Alternative Text By: Pallavi Gunni | October 23, 2018

Your baby’s diet should be on your priority list because it is crucial especially in the growing years. Let’s cut to the chase – we all want our little ones to be active and happy, and do you know what is the secret to it? Nothing but a healthy diet! A healthy diet leads to an overall development of your child and it is very crucial for a parent to keep a check on that. Your child is growing constantly, and so is his daily requirement for essential protein and nutrients, that is why a balanced diet is a must.  All the new parents reading this – we know the first thing that comes to your mind in the name of baby food is the processed cereal based baby food, but each of your decision matters. When we talk about a healthy, well- balanced diet, we must take home cooked food into consideration. It will be a little task for you to feed your little ones with a nutrient rich diet, because of their puzzling needs and moods, but we have got it fixed for you.

Here are a few healthy & easy baby food recipes that your child will relish:

Spinach puree

Spinach has vitamins, calcium, iron and selenium. Spinach is considered a rich source of nutrition. Clean the green leafy vegetable properly and bring them to boil and then grind it to make a smooth puree. You can add the puree mix to rice and feed your baby.

Quinoa Banana Mash

Quinoa is a protein-packed grain that makes a great addition to your growing baby’s diet. This adds an exciting new texture to the banana mash, an ingredient that your baby loves. The cooked seeds stick to baby’s fingers, which makes it an easy food to eat.

Sweet potato puree

Sweet potato is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Potatoes are easily available and are considered good for underweight babies. Simply boil/microwave the sweet potato, so that it can be easily mashed. Once the potato is boiled and mashed, add milk to make it to make a smooth consistency /puree and give it to your baby.

Chicken /mutton stew

Chicken and mutton are rich in vitamins; chicken provides selenium which contains antioxidants that help control free radicals and improve your immune system. Simply boil the chicken with onion, ginger, garlic and jeera, let it boil it for some time. Once the stew is ready remove the spice and serve.  Avoid adding chilies.

Lentil soup

Lentil soup is a quick and easy recipe that is easy to digest and has many benefits. Simply wash the lentil and bring it to boil, mash the lentils and serve.

Introducing egg white and fish

Egg white is easy to digest, egg yolk must be given after the baby is 9 months old. Fish is rich in omega and should be started as it is healthy.

I have listed the best and healthy food recipes above that almost everyone is familiar with. Before introducing any food/fruit to your baby do take an allergy test. Prefer fresh and organic food items for your little one.  Avoid canned or junk food items. In case of any allergy do consult your doctor. What does your child love the most from the list above, do share in the comment. As for my baby he loves chicken stew and mashed fruits!

This content has been certified by our panelist Dr. Rajiv Chhabra

Dr. Rajiv Chhabra

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