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Beverages to avoid during pregnancy

Alternative Text By: Rahul Makkar | March 9, 2019

What to and what not to eat during pregnancy is a vast topic within itself. You see, during the time you are pregnant, all your dietary requirements pretty much go for a toss because now you also need to be eating for an additional life.

There are plenty of foods that will prove to be very beneficial for yours and your baby’s health during this time but there are also foods and beverages, in particular, that might not be so great for your baby’s or your health either.

Here is a list of beverages that you should avoid during pregnancy:

Unpasteurised Milk or Juice:

Most of us wake up to that fresh glass of milk or that juice in the morning and it something that has become quite a routine for most of us! For pregnant women especially, fresh juice and milk can actually be quite a great and nutritious beverage. However, one thing has to be kept in mind when pregnant women decide to indulge in these beverages. Unpasteurised milk or juice is something that should be avoided by pregnant women as they contain bacteria that could very well make her and her baby seriously ill.

Diet Sodas:

The world diet can hold a lot of significance and can more often than not indicate that a particular product is essentially good for one’s health. However, diet sodas are an exception to that rule without a second thought. The primary component of diet sodas like diet coke or Pepsi, is caffeine, apart from the artificial sweetener present in it, known as saccharin. This saccharin is a component that is easily able to travel down the placenta, thus affecting the baby’s growth negatively.

Aerated Drinks:

Similar to diet soda, which is essentially a “diet” version of the common aerated drinks available in the market, these drinks too have proven to be harmful to pregnant women. Apart from the caffeine present in most of these beverages, the amount of sugar and a component called quinine present in them can prove to be quite harmful to pregnant women.

Knowing what to have and what not to have during your pregnancy can mean a world of difference if you are looking forward to enjoying a healthy and safe pregnancy. Just keep reading and asking your doctor as to what suits you the best during this time, and just take it from there!

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