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Woollens washing guide for infants clothes

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | February 20, 2019

As much as curating most delicate and infant-friendly woollens are crucial, taking care of these delicates is equally vital as well. Unlike the harsh detergents or electric washing machine techniques, an infant’s woollens require extra care and sensitive handling. The right care keeps the woollens fresh, disinfected and soft on the sensitive skin of the infant. Keeping all these factors in mind, we present to you an easy guide on taking care of the infant’s delicate woollens, in less time.

Don’t Ignore The Tag

Most woollens come with instruction labels attached to them, dispensing information like the make of the wool or washing instructions. These instructions should very strictly be followed in order to avoid any kind of damage to the fabric. At times the instructions might not be too descriptive, but any labelled information gives significant clues to the mother on how to get started on caring for the woollens.

The Right Detergent

There are a variety of detergents readily available in departmental stores. But a smart mother should always check the ingredients of a detergent, understanding what factors need to be checked and what to be avoided. Not all delicate detergents are gentle enough to cater to fragile woollens and even more sensitive and delicate skin of the infant and the wrong choice can lead to skin irritation or rashes as well. Hence the emphasis on detergents which are chemical-free, more organic and are non-toxic. Fabric softeners, detergents with dyes and perfumes should be absolutely avoided as they have higher chances of leaving behind skin irritations.

Grandmother’s Organic Options For Stains and Pre-soaks

Grandmother’s remedies have been curated with love and nurture, hence making them ideal alternatives for washing an infant’s woollens. Baking soda can be used as a fabric softener and deodoriser when a water-diluted-paste formula is used in the pre-soak. Always make sure that the pre-soaks are done in a cool to room-temperature water as warm or hot water can damage the fabric instantly. For antiseptic and anti-bacterial cleansing, a diluted solution of Borax in pre-soak works wonders.

Separate Cleaning For Whites and Colours

The most vital rule of cleaning infant’s clothes is to wash them separately from the rest of the household laundry. The next rule to be followed is to wash coloured clothes and white or super-light clothes separately. Because an infant’s woollens are not chemically treated, there are fair chances of the wools to bleed out; hence raising the possibility of staining the whites.

Hand Wash and Drying

Washing machine cleaning of newborn’s woollens is a big no, as they are very sensitive and quick to damage. Hand wash with no rigorous rubbing is the key. In order to clean any kind of stains, pre-soaking woollens in a mild detergent or natural cleansers, followed by a gentle water straining squeeze and final cleansing in lukewarm water should be followed. Drying woollens gently is equally important, with a strict no wringing the woollens rule to be followed. Gentle squeeze or rolling the garments in a dry white towel will result in eliminating excess water which should be followed by drying the woollens on a flat surface or a mesh base under indirect sunlight.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your newborn doesn’t face any skin allergies and the quality, sensitivity and softness of the woollens will remain intact for a longer period of time.

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