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Summer Maternity Wardrobe

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | June 11, 2018

Selecting the right clothes during a pregnancy is difficult for sure, and keeping the weather in mind whilst doing that can reach a whole other level of difficulty! Summers are the trickiest to dress up for, but we hope that with the few pointers we share with you, you are able to go about shopping for your summer wardrobe with ease.

Summer weather plus the pregnancy hormones can really get you irritated sometimes. All that plus your baby bump can really be something you would want to keep in mind when you have to pick out your clothes for the summers.

Maternity Dresses

Always go for neutral coloured clothes that are lightweight and flowy! Pick natural fabrics like cotton or linen since these are breezier fabrics and are easier to manage as well. Avoid synthetic clothing of any kind as they will make you feel hotter than the cottons and linens.

Empire waist dresses are the best during the time of pregnancies, especially if you are not able to find good maternity dresses. These dresses are not cinched at the waist but are cinched more beneath your breasts. This helps accommodate your growing tummy brilliantly!


Cropped maternity pants are brilliant when it comes to summers, but make sure you pick the ones that are made of a lightweight material. There are cropped pants available in the market that have a stretchy panel on the top that helps the pant stay snug under your belly comfortably.

Try picking clothes that have a mix of spandex in them, but remember that the spandex should not be more than 10% else it will become a little too tight for your liking.


Tanks tops and loose fitted tees are a big yes when it comes to picking out tops for summers. Remember to buy a size bigger than your normal size so that the fit is not too tight for you! Loose tees will help with air circulation and keep you cooler in the hot weather.

Try a piece of cloth before you decide to buy it so that you know what the fit is like.

We hope that by remembering these pointers you will be able to make the whole experience of shopping for summer maternity clothes even more fun and practical for you.

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