Slip-Resistant Monsoon Footwear For New Mothers

Being a new mother means being on your toes round the clock. While your life revolves around your toddler and self-management, moving around the house and outside often leads to exhausted and swollen feet. If that was not enough, the season of monsoon brings with it the problem of slippery ground throughout the time. As a mother, handling a baby along with a baby’s amenities bag and your own necessities while being in motion can sometimes get out of hand and might just lead to disbalance. Hence, it’s vital to be careful with the type of footwear you wear for your daily needs with a young child on your arms. Keeping the comfort factor and the slip-resistance in mind, we present to you a list of 5 footwear that are stylish and yet, meet the requirement perfectly.

Ballet Flats

These are stylish, come in an array of designs, are comfortable and can be worn for both a working day or to a dinner party. We say that you invest in Ballet Flats in a variety of designs as you will fall in love with the comfort and style that these provide as an everyday wear.

The ballet flats are foam cushioned and are made up of fabric and textile material which guarantees a comfortable fit and feel. The shock absorbing heels ensure non-aching feet after a busy day while the soft material prevents shoe bite of any sort. These flats also provide ample grip to the feet and most of them are water-resistant and keep your feet dry even if you step out on a rainy day.

Rain Boots

These slouchy boots are a favourite among everyone, irrespective of age. Rain boots are waterproof, the sole is textured and wide to provide perfect friction and balance. Given their slouchy non-zip design, these work well for swollen feet, giving ample room for the feet to breathe in, resulting in more than necessary comfort for a day long motherhood business. The best part about these rain boots? That you can take these out every monsoon season and pair them up with some beautiful trench coats, as these never go out of trend.

Empire Sport Sneakers

There is nothing more comforting than a pair of Empire Sport Sneakers, that have a cushioned sole making the footwear shock-proof and the fact that they come in a variety of colors and brands to fit each pocket, also adds to the charm. Since sneakers are in trend and can be worn with a maxi-dress as much as they can be worn with a comfortable pair of Kurti-Leggings, you shouldn’t stop yourself from flaunting these beauties during the monsoon season. These are water resistant, come with air-pockets for ventilation and the slip-resistant sole helps prevent tripping and slipping. Replace the regular shoe laces with elastics if you don’t want to get into the hassle of bending the tying the laces.

Slip On Shoes

Designed to comfortably slip in your feet, these shoes come in handy for day-to-day affairs. Lace less and without the troubles of tying the knots, these slip-on shoes are flexible, accommodating both normal and swollen feet comfortably. These shoes come with a rubber-sole which helps in shock absorption as well as the resistance from slippery floors. Easy to wash, with some slip-ons being even washing machine friendly, these shoes can be styled with every look and come in a variety of printed and solid coloured designs.

Water-Resistant Rubber Sandals

Highly promoted by the brand Crocs worldwide, rubber sandals have now become a must-have for the monsoon season. Given its demand in the market, many brands now offer more beautified varieties of rubber sandals in different designs and colours. These are lightweight, travel friendly, easy to slip on and the elasticity of these is such that they provide ample grip yet expand to fit swollen feet as well. These sandals are again easy to wash and are aerated enough to prevent any kind of humid skin allergies or odour formation, even after long-time wears.

Pro Tip : If you feel the need to make your footwear more slip-resistant, then you can tape strips of masking tape on the sole of your shoes, scrub the sole with a sandpaper to abrade the soles or stick-on waterproof bandages to the sole for added friction.

Make most of the monsoon season with these 5 types of slip-resistant footwear, giving you a hassle-free time with your toddler. They are readily available locally as well as at branded stores and come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate every sole!

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