Ideal Winter Fabrics For Infants

A newborn child’s skin requires extra attention throughout the year. But it is the winter season when it’s the most challenging to keep the infant warm at all times. A mother needs to look for clothes made of fabrics that will not be clingy, irritating against the umbilical cord cut, slippery or thick and won’t shrink or become rough upon multiple washes. Keeping in mind the comfort, softness and warmth for a newborn, we have listed down 5 types of fabrics and fabric-combinations that a mother should consider while going apparel shopping for the baby.


Synthetic Fleece is vegan and a great alternate to wool. Available in a variety of weights, fleece is moisture-wicking and keeps the infant warm even during harsh winters. The light weight provides room for layering, sans bulkiness and is soft against the sensitive skin of the newborn. It is stain-proof, can be machine-washed and dries rather quickly.

Fleece rompers to quilts, the variety and arrays of usage is infinite.

Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo rayon fabric is organic and has non-allergenic properties apart from being anti-bacterial as well. It’s perfect for an infant’s sensitive skin and is thermal-regulating, which means that the fabric adjusts to the body temperature of the newborn, preventing your baby from over-heating. A 100% cotton product, Bamboo Rayon is becoming quite popular in the market and is massively used to make infant quilts, rompers, bibs and coveralls.

Jersey Fabric

Perfect for infants who like being active, Jersey Fabric accommodates growth and constant movements without becoming lose over time. The fabric is light and breathable and comes in 100% cotton, 100% wool or a mix of cotton – wool – synthetic fibre. Machine washable and quick to dry, the mothers can stock up an array of Jersey Fabric made apparels for hassle-free change and low maintenance.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is 100% organic, super soft against the sensitive skin of the infant, is anti-irritation, regulates body temperature and maintains it and wicks moisturise; making it favourite of both the mother and the newborn. The merino fibre is breathable, giving the infant a sweat-free experience throughout the day and throughout the winter season.

Gauze Fabric

Having similar features as that of Merino wool, the biggest factor that makes Gauze fabric more usable is its light weight. Not only that, but the heat regulating and breathable fabric features creates warmth and cosiness equal to that of a womb, helping the infant have a sound sleep as well. The lightweight of Gauze fabric also allows the infant to feel mother’s warmth during breastfeeding.

This list is not just limited to the apparels but can equally be applied to the quilts, hats, socks and coverups for the infant. Let your infant have a sound sleep, stretch and be animated and stay warm   during the winter season while these fabrics keep him/her warm throughout.

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