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How To Prepare Your Newborn Baby’s First Wardrobe

Alternative Text By: Apurva Saxena Kalapalette | January 8, 2019

Welcoming a child into this world is the most beautiful feeling a mother can ever experience. It is the feeling of holding your child in your arms for the first time, to thinking about that one unique name that will become the child’s identity; clouds a pregnant mother’s mind the most. What’s more important and crucial is planning out the first wardrobe of your infant that will protect them from seasonal infections, temperatures and won’t be harsh on the skin.

Keeping these important factors in mind, we present to you a list of clothing, that will help you plan out the first wardrobe of your baby without missing out on any essentials.

Button-down Onesies

Infants don’t like getting their necks held often to change clothes; hence button-down Onesies come to the rescue. These are easy to put on the infant, quick to dry, easy to wash and keeps the body warm during winters and breezy during summers. If the weather is a little chilly, keep a few pair of socks handy to pair up with the Onesies.

Night Rompers

Night Rompers

These are meant to protect the infant neck to toe from winter’s cold and summer air-conditioning. Invest in a variety of rompers as infants love to stay fuss-free, giving them the freedom to be as animated as they’d like. You can find cotton rompers readily available in the market, or take knitting to knit up a woolen romper if the infant lives in extremely cold climatic conditions.

Leggings + T-Shirts

Leggings + T-Shirts

This combination is perfect if the baby is having a day out. Light weight leggings and T-shirts are easy to carry in a Diaper bag and are available in a variety of fabrics and designs. Leggings are the easiest to take off and don’t require a change of T-Shirt in case the infant soils the lowers. Invest in a variety of leggings and T-shirts and mix-match to create different looks for your child every single day.

Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigan Sweaters

Many newborn mothers believe that their infant doesn’t need a sweater during the summer season or in tropical regions. However, the delicate body of an infant demands warmth throughout the year to protect them from artificial cooling conditioners, natural cool breeze and unnoticed chilly nights. For infants, always invest in cotton, bamboo and acrylic yarn knit cardigans, that keep allergies at bay, are easy to wash and dry; and are soft on the baby’s skin. For softer wool, invest in Merino wool knit cardigans that are super-soft, almost weightless and easy to carry around.



Sherpa Lined Fleece Hats or Earflap Beanie Hats not only keep the head warm and protected from cool breeze, but these also protect the ears from catching a cold. Summer hats are perfect to provide shade and protect the child’s head and face from sunburn. A few pairs of warm mittens will protect the hands and help avoid the infant scratching his/her face. Booties act like socks but the elasticity in them holds on to the infant’s feet longer. Last, but not the least, a spacious and stylish diaper bag is a must to carry around, accommodating all what an infant might need in terms of food and clothing.

Remember, a newborn’s wardrobe should be a combination of body protecting, allergens free, rash-free and fuss-free clothing and accessories. This list will help gear up your infant’s all-season wardrobe to keep you tension free till your infant turns two. Happy Shopping!

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