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Fuss-Free Hairstyles For Toddler’s Mothers

Alternative Text By: Apurva Saxea Kalapalette | September 15, 2018

Being a new mother can be a lot of hard work. Taking care of a toddler includes breastfeeding, giving a bath, dressing up, wiping as well as singing and playing with the young one. In such a busy daily routine, the mothers hardly get time to groom themselves. But there are smart hairstyles that not only give mothers a carefree time, but are also fashionable for a day out or evening meets.

Check out our list of easy to do ‘Fuss Free Hairstyles For Toddler’s Mothers’:

High Ponytail

Bring about a more structured knot to your regular ponytail and you’ve got yourself a High Ponytail. A humble high ponytail is the easiest yet chic bet for any young mother. It can be made in a minute. All you need is a hairband, a few bobby-pins and a hairbrush. Post brushing thoroughly, gather all your hair raised right above your crown area and tie it with a hairband. Secure the knot from beneath with the help of bobby-pins to uplift the ponytail and give support for it to stay put for long hours. You can stylise the ponytail further by wrapping a ribbon around the knot for a vintage look.

Twisted Bun

Now that you have made a ponytail, how about twisting it up into a chic bun! It may become troublesome when our loose and flowy hair tries to play around in the middle of work, say while giving a bath to the baby. Long hair needs to be specially managed while preparing meals. A simple bun is perfect for both straight and curly tresses. You can make it appealing by donning elegant hair comb pins. A messy bun will go well with your busy schedule. No strand of hair will come in between you and your toddler. Tip: You can very well accessorize it with a foulard to give a mini-makeover to your simple bun.

French Braid

Regular French braid is a simpler version of the fish tail. Since all the sections of hair are intrinsically combined, it lasts more than 24 hours without getting messed up. You can also decorate your French braid with beautiful individual flowers. A little known fact is that braids also promote hair growth. It will be a smart choice for moms attending to needs of their baby without compromising with their style quotient. It’s all about selecting certain sections of your hair from both the sides and centre, starting from the crown area, braid once or twice and then adding on some more strands of your hair all the way down to the tip.

Milkmaid Hair Braid

If you are in the mood to try something exquisite then you can surprise yourself with a milkmaid hairdo. Partition your hair into two sections, make two braids and secure them on top of your head using bob pins. If you want you may place a bow on top to complete the look. This is perfect to keep your hair locked beautifully in one place. It will be suitable for thick and wavy hair the most, keeping tangling at bay.

Short hairstyles – Bob, Pixie, Layers

Gone are the days when women would be afraid to part with their locks of hair. Many women are embracing short hairstyles not only as a style statement but also for sheer comfort.You may refer to your face cut to decide which hairstyle would be best for you. Go for a bob for that chic look, or a side-swept pixie look to add some zeal to your appearance or a charming layered crop. What makes short hairstyles definitely worth trying is that these make you look younger too. Short hairdos are extremely easy to manage. They do not get entangled which save you a lot of time as well.

From now on, whether you are trying to catch hold of your little crawler or out for a walk with your tiny tot in his/her trolly, you can quickly transform your look with an interesting hairstyle. The key lies in how you accessorize your hair. Experiment with colourful pins, flowers, bands, tiaras and scarves. Just avoid using sprays or gels so as not to cause irritation to the baby who has closest contact with you.

We hope you try one of these fabulous and low-maintenance hairstyles to go with your daily routine. Do not let your needs take a back seat and do not forget to express your mood with a different hairdo starting from today! Keep trying new hairstyles until you find the one that suits your routine the most.

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