Fun Summer Prints To Choose For Your Newborn’s Stylish Clothing

If your motherly instincts call for dressing up your newborn in the trendiest of attire for summers, then this read is for you!

Wouldn’t it be nice if at a meet every mother ends up talking about how in vogue your infant looks? So while you are occupied shopping for clothes for your newborn, keeping in check the quality of fabric, the softness and lightness of the apparel and other important factors; work up a notch and bring the trend perspective to the infant’s summer clothing. While starking colours are a must during summers, it is the annual shift in print trends that we get to see and adapt to from time to time. And so, straight off the runways, we present to you a report of the trendiest print styles for newborns and kids that you will get to witness in the year 2019. Take your pick and dress up your infant in vogue approved print styles for the year.

Multi-Coloured Gingham Print

This centuries-old French print style keeps resurfacing time-to-time making it an evergreen print to own. Gingham print originally consists of red cotton threads woven in strips and checks in different weights to form a variety in the translucency of the print. But given that this style has emerged as a print for infants and newborns, the print has been given the modification of multi-coloured hues for a more vibrant appeal.

Lollipop Stripes

A favourite of all young kids, lollipop swirl candies come in a riot of colours. Taking inspiration from these rainbow colours, the new trend that has emerged is the Lollipop stripes print trend. Horizontal stripes spaced out over a white base and set in solid hues derived of the swirl lollipop candy, this print is perfect to photograph your newborn in. For younger kids and infants, pair polo-shirts or regular lollipop stripes print t-shirts with denim shorts for a sporty and play-date friendly look.

Poppy Florals

The bloom of poppy florals signifies the transition of the spring season to a warmer summer season. A symbol of new beginnings, positivity and happiness, poppy flowers have been in trend as abstract prints for quite some time. Adorning poppy floral prints brings out the cheerfulness of the infants as they crack up in laughter and happiness every now and then. Get a summer dress made in poppy floral prints made for your infant girl or style up your handsome newborn in a poppy t-shirt that adds on a burst of extra colours to his life.

Victorian Roses

For those mothers who prefer a retro take on their infant’s clothing, the muted victorian rose prints are a perfect match. Available in a variety of repetitive size and patterns, we suggest opting for a print with miniature victorian roses all over. Since bolder prints might look heavy as your newborn’s attire, the mini Victorian roses will bring about softness and fragility to the infant’s look.

Muted Polka Dots

Just like the Victorian Roses, polka dots too have seen a change in recent times. The favourite print trend of the 70s, the polka dots have gone mute with micro dot-prints against a solid fabric. This print style can currently be seen done on pastel colours, as the powdered tone is a hot-seller of the season.

Now that you know what is in trend and what is not, go ahead and stylise your infant’s summer wardrobe and get that camera ready and filtered for the perfect photographic shots.

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