Formal Maternity Wear

Picking out clothes during your pregnancy can be a tricky affair, and if that wasn’t enough then selecting formal wear can be even more challenging. But with the right pointers and tips, we are sure that you will be able to go through the whole of your pregnancy in the most fashionable way possible!

In the beginning, for atleast the first three months, you will probably be able to wear your usual formal clothes to work, since in those months one rarely tends to gain much weight. But after these 3 months, the time comes when you would have started to gain weight, despite the fact that you won’t look pregnant!

Go elastic

During this time, elastic skirts and pants are a good bet for you! Or even drawstring pants might help! Also buying one size bigger than your usual size now will also be a good idea. Low-rise pants too look quite trendy and sit snugly below your belly providing you with support.

Yoga pants can also prove to be extremely comfortable during this time! The best part about yoga pants is that they are stretchable they can easily be dressed up according to your work wear needs too!

Loose Tops

For summers, go for tunic tops and loose shirts to compliment your lower wear! Also, always remember to pick clothes such as viscose, cotton, jersey or knots since these fabrics have more stretch in them when compared to the others in the market.

Long Jackets for Winters

In winters, opt for long jackets, cardigans and sweaters as these will be able to hide your growing belly without accentuating it.

Wrap it up in style!

On special occasions, having a wrap handy will prove to be a brilliant accessory! You could easily wrap it over your dress, and if you are someone who is particularly conscious about your arms, then a wrap will help you deal with that as well.

All you have to remember when picking the right sort of clothes for work during pregnancy is that they need to be comfortable for you and you should be able to breathe in them without any problem!

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