Accessorizing your baby weather-wise

The right clothes for the right weather are of course of the utmost importance for anyone and everyone. However, this does prove to hold truer for your little one too! Sometimes, clothes alone do not seem to be able to protect your little one from the harsh elements of nature and they need a little help to do that.

This is where accessories come into the picture. Accessories not only look trendy when styled right but have also proven to be brilliant helpers when it comes to being able to accompany the right clothing in protecting your kid. Here are a few accessories that definitely help your baby feel protected and secure from the changes that the weather will subject them to.


Hats and caps are multi-taskers! Not only do they look extremely fashionable, but they also offer quite a lot of protection from the ever changing and harsh weather that the little one will be subjected to in the beginning of time!

In summers, hats offer excellent protection from the harmful and harsh sun rays for your baby. Known to cause skin damage, the whole purpose of the hat is to offer protection and security to your baby from those very rays!

In winters too, woolen caps offer amazing protection from the harsh winds that might affect your little one when they hit their delicate and sensitive head. Not only that, but the cap will also ensure that your baby does not loose heat from his body via his head, and keep the head warm and insulated as a result.


One might think that gloves are only a winter accessory, but they are so much more than just that! There is such a huge array of gloves available in the market nowadays that it can get quite confusing to choose from them.

You however must be wondering of what use are gloves in summer? Well, gloves made of airy materials like hosiery or cotton are brilliant for the summer months as they allow excellent ventilation whilst also protecting your baby’s sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Is that not incentive enough to make your little one start wearing gloves?

Well, what can we say about winters? Gloves are a quintessential part of anyone’s winter wardrobe and they become even more necessary part of your baby’s because they are brilliant at protecting your kid from the harsh winter air and climate. Helps keep your kid warm and comfy all the while, gloves are a must have when it comes to your baby’s winter wardrobe!


Similar to gloves, socks are amazing at protecting your little one’s feet come rain or sun! In summers, to help them stay away from the scorching heat and to protect their feet in case they aren’t yet old enough to wear shoes, socks prove to be a boon! Light materials like cotton and hosiery help keep your little one’s feet well ventilated whilst also help protect them from the weather.

In winters, of course, no outfit is complete without a good pair of thick woollen socks to go with them. Do you know that we can loose a lot of our body heat via our feet? Well, the same concept applies to the little ones as well. Having a good pair of woolen socks to keep their feet warm will ensure that your baby does not loose his/her body heat, as quickly as it can, when not wearing warm socks!

So remember to spend a little on these accessories as well when it comes to dressing up your kid according to the changing seasons. After all, in such cases, little does go a long way!

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  1. Accessories not only look trendy when styled right but have also proven to be brilliant helpers when it comes to being able to accompany the right clothing in protecting your kid

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