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5 Types Of Stylish Winter Maternity Jackets and Coats

Alternative Text By: Apurva Saxena Kalapalette | January 7, 2019

The cold winter weather demands extra care and warmth for pregnant women as well as mothers and their babies. It is also during this time of the year that outwear takes precedence and the layering game becomes strong. For pregnant women, staying warm and comfortable is crucial during the winter season; but bulky layering often results in restlessness and unwanted puffed up look.

In order to bring structure and style to the winter wear, without compromising on the protection from the cool breeze, we present to you a list of 5 Winter Maternity Jackets and Coats that will keep mothers-to-be warm, comfortable and stylish!

Wrap Coat

The best part about Wrap coats is that they can be adjusted as per the mother’s trimester phases, yet look well structured on a mother-to-be. These coats are warm, set well on the torso and shoulders, providing space around the belly area for the wearer to feel comfortable yet wrapped in the embrace of the coat’s warmth. While some wrap coats come with button-down adjustability, wrap coats with adjustable belts work the best in keeping the wrap secured and slip-proof for hours.

These coats can be stylized even post delivery to fit the body structure of the mother, giving a slender and stylish look always.

Quilted Parka Coat

Parka coats are super warm yet very light in weight, thus resulting in the mother-to-be feeling comfortable throughout a day-long wear. While many parka coats come puffed, the aerated puffs often make the wearer look broad. Quilted Parka Coats are the answer to bringing a trimmed look & feel to this style, thus giving a flattering fit to the wearer.

Pick from neutral shades to vibrant colours that work for you.

Belted Trench Coat

Taking a leaf off the archived fashion trends, we highly recommend Trench Coats as a maternity overwear. For working pregnant women, Trench Coats stand as a perfect fit. Beige Trench Coats with gingham inner seams are versatile and go well with an array of formal wears. Style them with the androgynous pant – shirt attire, skirt – blouse look or even a warm dress-skirt combination.

Belt them for a slimmer look, button – down them in cold breeze or leave the buttons undone when there is just a nip in the air.

Active Maternity Jacket

Active wear is the most comfortable for both expecting women and mothers of toddlers for a hassle-free daily routine. Without the worry of belting them, buttoning them or tying the knots; active wear come seamless with quick to wash & dry ritual that makes them work best during harsh winter days. Active Maternity Jacket comes with a zipper that keeps the body warm; the fabric being stretchable offers a relaxed we arability to the mothers-to-be and the fit eliminates baggy over-layers and bulkiness completely.

Pea Coat

If you need a dressier option in outerwear, then the Pea Coat is the answer. Made with pure wool, these coats keep one warm even during harshest of winters. Wear it on top of a warm maxi dress or pair it with a cardigan – leggings combo for a comfortable yet warm wearing experience. These are ideal for formal meetings, a day out and can also be carried on post maternity phase as well. The torso limited button – down design gives room for the coat to expand with each trimester.

The smartest way of carrying forward style during pregnancy is to go with a wardrobe that will sustain each phase of the pregnancy and will be wearable post-pregnancy as well. Belt it, brooch it or simple match it with your favourite pair of flats for a stylish yet comfortable experience.

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