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5 Types Of Spacious Bags For Mothers

Alternative Text By: Apurva Saxena Kalapalette | January 7, 2019

Motherhood comes with its own baggage, quite literally. A woman’s bag is always as detailed as it can get and then come the necessities for a new born child that need to be present with the mother at all times. Call it more of a child assistance bag, or popularly known as a ‘Diaper Bag’, these are usually seen as a very basic soft fabric bag that stands out and not in a trendy way at all.

So why should a new mother carry along a bag that doesn’t even match her and the toddler’s wardrobe? We present to you 5 bags that are spacious, easy to carry around and set style trends that every mother would like to take notes from.

Spacious Tote (Check for style)

Tip to add mini pouches inside to separate things like baby food, baby clothes, your makeup/toiletries, etc. Tote bags are most conventional style bags that match the requirement of everyone. Look for a Tote bag that’s big enough to accommodate your supplies and not too oversized for uncomfortable handling. Match your style with various prints and colours, as totes are available locally in a variety of designs to choose from. These are easy to wash, quickly to dry and light weight as well. Pro Tip – Invest in a couple of utility pouches, to keep all the products categorically and for an easy to manage/use.

Square Duffel

Don’t mistake these with the round Duffles that gym enthusiasts carry around. Square Duffel bags are more structured, spacious and easy to handle. The hand-held bags are perfect for longer travels with the need of several diaper and clothing changes for the toddler. Square Duffels are available both in leather, canvas and synthetic fabrics, so pick what matches your style. Pro Tip – Invest in synthetic fabric Duffel bag for a waterproof and easy to wash experience.

Daypack Bag

If you need a handsfree experience, then Daypack bags should be your go-to bags. These bags have a front-loading main compartment that can store an array of products. The front pocket can be limited to quick-essentials like car-keys, tissues, wallet and the likes. Some of them also come with a side-sipper compartment to store filtered water and milk for the baby sans spilling accidents.

Pro Tip – Pick a Daypack bag with broader shoulder straps to provide comfort due to cushioned make and balancing out the weight without straining the shoulders much.

Bowler Bag

For mothers who like adding a flair of style to their daily wear, Bowler Bags aces the list. Go for faux-leather bowler bags that look vintage, are well structured and come with a cushioned grab handle for easy carrying experience. The best part about these compact looking bags is that they are quite spacious inside and keep the product intact where they’ve been stored for longer periods of time.

Pro Tip – Look for Bowler bags with feet-studs so that you can place them on the floor without worrying about spoiling the bottom with dirt.

Birkin Handbag

A favourite of celebrities across the globe, this style of handbags can never go out of fashion. What’s better is that these are spacious and are locally available in a variety of sizes, giving a choice to mothers based on the utility. Usually available in a solid leather material, these bags are perfect for a baby’s day out and traveling across cities to attending a mother’s meet as well!

Pro Tip – Keep liquids in a seal pack before storing them inside the bag to avoid any spills.

Bag-it what works best for your own personal style and your toddler’s requirements? Happy shopping and styling!

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