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Winter is here! Here are the 5 winter baby care tips you must know

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | November 22, 2021

It’s that time of the year again when you enjoy being cozy and indoors with a hot beverage! This is also the time when new parents can find themselves worried about keeping their little one warm. It is also the season of cold and flu, adding to the parents’ worries. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, it is possible to enjoy the cold weather even with your little one. As long as your baby is warm and cuddly, you can greatly enjoy the cuddle season!

Dress your baby right

As this is the cold season, the priority should be keeping them warm – the keyword being warm and not hot. A simple thumb rule to determine this is adding one more layer than what you would need – so if you need two layers to stay warm, put on three layers for your baby. If their toes or hands feel too hot, you can always remove a layer. If your baby is too little, you can also spend more time in baby wearing so your baby stays warm with your body’s warmth.

Keep their bedding and room warm

It is necessary to keep the little one’s room and bedding warm and comfy during this season. Opt for a firm and warm mattress so your baby stays comfortable during bedtime and nap times. Instead of layering on heavy blankets, try swaddling your baby for added warmth. If your baby is a co-sleeper, they may need less layering as they will be warm owing to the contact with you. If you are using a room heater, ensure that it is at a comfortable temperature at all times and place a bucket of water in the same room to prevent dryness that can affect your baby’s skin.

Tend to their delicate skin

Your baby’s skin is delicate and is more prone to dryness, itchiness and red patches if exposed to harsh and cold temperatures. This is also the season of dandruff, eczema and dry skin so do consult your pediatrician if you notice any symptoms. Reduce bath time to prevent moisture loss from their skin and use lukewarm water and not very hot water for their bath. You can also give them a pre-bath massage with oil or post-bath massage with baby lotion for a soft and supple skin. As babies drool, their lips can also get dry and chapped so choose a baby lip balm to moisturize their lips. Another way to protect your baby’s delicate skin is using an absorbent and comfortable diaper, like MamyPoko Pants, that prevents leakage without heaviness for up to 12 hours and so won’t irritate the skin or cause rashes.

Limit outdoor exposure

If the temperature in your city tends to dip too much, it is best to limit the baby’s exposure to the outdoors. If you do step out, ensure that you use a sunscreen or moisturizer for the baby and layer their clothes accordingly. Also ensure that their baby carrier or stroller is made comfy with light blankets and a transparent covering if needed. For colder temperatures, you can get mittens and booties to keep the little ones warm and snuggly.

Protect against cold and flu

As this is the season of cold and flu, it’s best to take preventive measures against the same. Use a humidifier in the baby’s room as this can prevent clogged noses and also prevent moisture loss in the room. Ensure that you consult the pediatrician and get the recommended vaccines during this time. Maintain good hygiene at all times as poor hygiene can lead to germs and infections – always wash your hands before and after touching your baby and make sure others follow the same.

With these easy tips, you make this winter an enjoyable one for you and your baby!

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