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Why are diapers a better option than cloth napkins?
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Why are diapers a better option than cloth napkins?

Alternative Text By: Abba Lanong | May 22, 2018

Motherhood is a wonderful journey but before we embark on the joys, there are quite a few decisions to be made!

During those first few days post the baby’s arrival, there are so many things we have to decide and the first thing we’re always confused about are diapers and the type of diapers and its effectiveness.

Like almost all parenting choices, the right one is what feels best for you and your child. However the most popular debate seems to be about cloth napkins and diapers. So today, I will share my experience with you.

Whether you choose cloth or disposable, diapers are part of the parenting experience. Fortunately, there’s no right or wrong decision when it comes to diapers, we can choose that suits our baby, lifestyle, and budget.

We all know that newborn babies required at least 7-10 diapers everyday so it is obvious that diapers play an important part in the baby’s requirement and it’s hard to imagine life without diapers and there’s no denying that diapers are major convenience for many parents.

One option that many mothers use these days is disposable diapers and here’s what you need to know on why are diapers better than cloth napkins:

Good Absorbency

Diapers are the best as they can absorb more. They are easy to carry and can be disposed after use. Diapers don’t stink as they are made of clinically tested material. Since the diapers have a good absorbing capacity, I didn’t have to worry about my baby’s clothes. However cloth napkins will not be able to absorb much and need to be changed frequently to avoid bad smell and rash. And a change of outfit is always required which is not always convenient.

Skin Friendly

Diapers kept my baby’s skin drier for a longer time and minimised contact with urine. Some disposable diapers are also made of a breathable material that allows air flow to the infant’s skin. However cloth napkins do not have any layering and it was inconvenient for my baby and me. The cleaning process takes time especially while the child is outdoors.

Good for Overnight Use

Diapers soak more liquid and can be used at night and we don’t have to change them frequently, whereas cloth napkins only do a good job as long as you change it as soon as it’s dirty, proving to be inconvenient at night. Diapers are also available with extra absorbency quality that makes them a convenient choice for nights. This helped me and my baby sleep better.

Easy to Carry

Diapers are handy especially while travelling and make our life easier, whereas cloth napkins are difficult and inconvenient especially while travelling.

In general, experts say that disposable diapers do what they’re supposed to: protect babies’ skin without much mess or hassle. In my experience, disposable diapers have proved to be a saviour and I would recommend the same.

What did you use for your little one? Share in the comments below!

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