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What is the Right Way to Diaper a Baby?

Alternative Text By: Deepali Soam | May 29, 2018

Diaper duty is an important part of parenting and for new born babies diapers need to be changed at least 7 – 8 times in one day. What if after such practice, diaper leaks? Most of the time we blame diapers for the leakage but it’s actually the way we put on the diaper. However, if you put on the diaper correctly, leakage and other accidents can be easily avoided.

Maximum parents make common errors like putting the front on back or back on the front or putting the diaper unevenly. Here I am sharing step-by-step tips which will help you master the art of putting a diaper and fix any first-time faults.

Put Your Materials Together Before Putting on the Diaper

It’s really important to put all the things at one place before changing the diaper. You’ll need a new diaper or two, baby wipes or cotton balls, rash cream or oil, towel and powder. Once you have all the things ready, you will be able to concentrate on your baby while changing the diaper.

Never Leave Baby Unattended

This is the most important advice during diaper change and keeping everything handy beforehand can help you do just that. Always use safety straps or keep one hand on your baby so he/she doesn’t roll off. If they fidget a lot, distract them with a toy. Open the dirty diaper. Hold your child’s legs with one hand, and use the other hand to remove the diaper. This way the process will be seamless.

Clean from Front to Back

In order to avoid any kind of infection, it is always preferred to wipe the child from front to the back. Use water-based wipes or wet washcloth to clean your baby. Pat dry your munchkin’s little bum. If you have a baby boy, keep a washcloth over his genitals so that he doesn’t pee on you.

Put on the Clean Diaper

Make sure that your kiddo’s bum has dried completely before putting on a fresh diaper. I chose pant style diapers for my baby as they are easy to put on and dispose. They also minimize any chances of leakage and keep your baby comfy and dry for longer periods. For putting on pant style diapers, check the sides marked as front and back. Simply pull up the diaper and you’re done!

(For a baby boy, make sure his genital is directing down so he doesn’t pee over the top.)

Check Comfort Level

When you choose diapers according to weight and age as mentioned on the pack, it should be comfy. However, make sure the diapers don’t leave any marks on your baby’s waist. For a new-born, you can choose specialized diapers with cut outs for the umbilical stump.

Now, what do you do with the dirty diaper?

Throw solid waste into the toilet and flush it. Put the diaper in a disposable bag and throw in the trash can. Empty the bin daily to avoid foul smell and infection.

Now you know that making your baby wear a diaper is not a rocket science. Every mom and dad can easily put on the diaper and it’s a great time to connect with kids.

Did these tips help you?

Let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear more about your practices and please do share your tips with me.

Happy Parenting!

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