Top Foods to Wean your Baby With

If you are reading this, then it might probably be the time for you to start weaning your baby from breast milk, and start him/her off on solid, semi-solid foods. Before you start the weaning process however, make sure to consult your doctor first on when would be an ideal time to begin the weaning.

There are a few foods however that you can start with when it comes to weaning the little one.


Ok, when we say fruit juice, we do not mean the packaged ones as they have many artificial flavours along with chemical additives as well, which can be quite harmful for your little one. Instead of these juices, your safest and best bet would be let your little one have a small helping of fresh fruit juice that you might have extracted at home itself.


A complete meal in one, vegetable soups make for great weaning foods. The best option for your toddle would be to feed him or her clear vegetable soup. The main precaution you will have to take here is to make sure that you have washed the vegetables thoroughly before making it into a soup. The best part about soups is that they provide hydration to your baby as well as a more solid food for them too.


Fruits might just be the best way to start your baby off on more solid and fulfilling foods that are full of vital nutrients and minerals that are essential for the healthy growth of your baby. Another great thing about fruits is that they are naturally sweet and are healthy too so you don’t even have to think twice. Remember to give them soft fruits that are easy for them to digest, or better yet, puree the fruits so that they can have it even more easily.


Say hello to some brilliant mashed potatoes or pureed carrots, weaning the little one from the mother’s milk becomes easier when you have such multi-tasking vegetables at hand. Always wash any and every veggie that you decide to feed your baby. Alternatively, you can also opt for organically grown vegetables, as these are always free of pesticides and the likes.

Just keep a few of these options in mind when you start off with the process and you and your baby should be just fine!

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