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The best diapering Guide for Dads

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | June 19, 2018

A mother’s role in raising a healthy and happy baby is ofcourse the most crucial one there is. But the role of a father is in no way less than the mothers’! Father’s play an important function in the all round development of a baby and the interaction between a baby and his/her father is one that makes sure that the baby feels loved and cared for from every aspect of his/her life!

Diapering is a common practice that your child will be in need of every day of his/her growing years and is definitely something that not only the mother, but also the father needs to be used to doing as the child grows up. But since fathers might sometimes find it difficult to get on board with the diapering process, here is a guide for all the fathers out there to lend them a helping hand when it comes to the process of diapering.

Preparation is Key

Having everything ready when you are getting set to go forward with the diapering process is a must. There are a few things that you need to keep with you whenever you start diapering and these are the sort of things that will make the whole process easier for you.

  • Baby Wipes
  • Clean Changing area with towels laid down
  • A fresh pant style diaper


Never decide to change your baby’s diaper when you are preoccupied with other things. You need to remember that you need both your hands when you are changing your baby since you need one hand to keep your little one from moving too much when you are changing his/her diaper. This is of special importance if the changing table you are using is situated at a height.

Ofcourse you can change the little one on any flat surface. Just lay down a towel on either a bed, or even the floor and you are good to go!

Choose the best diaper

There are so many diapers available in the market nowadays, that getting confused between them is pretty normal.

Disposable diapers are perfectly safe for your little one and do not harm the baby in the least. On the contrary, they literally take care of your baby’s skin by keeping it dry. Convenient for the parents and safe for the babies, disposable diapers make for the best diaper for your little ones in this day and age!

Removing the diaper and cleaning the baby

Remove the diaper carefully according to the instructions mentioned in the diaper’s pack and try to wipe off as much of poop as you can using it. Try lifting your little one’s legs gently from his/her ankles so that you are able to remove the diaper while also cleaning the periphery of the bum. Now fold the diaper keeping the clean side on the outer area and put it aside, out of reach of your little one.

Now gently with the help of the baby wipes, clean your baby’s bottom and pat the little one dry with a soft towel.


Now, according to the instructions on your diaper pack, help the baby into the new and clean diaper. You will find any query you might have regarding how to fit a diaper onto your baby flawlessly on the diaper pack itself, so you needn’t worry!

And there you have it, you have now mastered the art of diapering, and your baby is all happy and clean as ever! Feels good doesn’t it?

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