Potty Training Tips for Parents (Part 2)

Continuing from where we left in our previous post, here are a few more tips  that you will definitely find useful. After all, more the merrier!

Wait for it:

Do not get disheartened if it seems that your little one gets irritated or fidgety when sitting on the pot. This is normal. You cannot force your child to poop or pee in the pot till they themselves do not want to.

You have to remember that each child is different and it will take each of them a different span of time to get used to using the pot. When they do understand what the pot is for, they definitely will come to you to let you know that they feel like using it.

Be Prepared:

We cannot promise you that everything will go smoothly, because they won’t. In order for your little one to perfectly use the pot, there will be accidents on the way too. Make them sit on the pot as much as you can.

If you think that you are making progress, then try going diaper free for sometime. Your baby needs to know that the diaper is not an option anymore and that whatever needs to be done, needs to be done in the pot itself.

Praise be:

Rewarding and praising your little one is a good idea since this re-enforces the good behaviour and helps your little one associate pooping and peeing in the pot with something positive and happy.

When you are going out somewhere, make sure to make the little one sit on the pot before you leave. This will further re-enforce the fact that they should use the pot when they need to pee or poop.

Be Polite:

You have to make up your mind at some point of time that you need to stop using diapers. When you do make up your mind, be sure to make your kid understand the same too!

You need to tell your baby politely, yet firmly that you plan on not putting him in diapers from now on and in the night, make sure you take him/her to the bathroom before going off to sleep. Let them also know that they can wake you up in the middle of the night if they feel the need to go. Repeat! And Emphasize!

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