Potty Training Tips for Parents (Part 1)

Every parent at a point of time needs some tips to help their baby get used to using a potty. And that is exactly what we are trying to do here. Here we have a few tips and tricks that have been tried and tested by parents that will definitely help you a great deal in making sure that your kid starts using the toilet seat!


Contrary to what you think, kids do understand us! And to make sure they do understand us better, repeating the same thing over and over again will definitely help make a difference.

Start potty training your little one by the time they are atleast 20 months old. Patience is also a key contributing factor to achieving good results especially where potty training is concerned. Keep repeating, tell them what you want them to do, but do so gently. Repeat! Remember!

Involve the Pot:

Make your little one sit on the pot regardless of the fact whether you think he/she wants to go potty. Start off small, like make the little one sit on the pot for a few minutes in a day. However do remember to lift them off it in case they start to resist.

Do this everyday so that they know that it is a part of their daily routine now. It will get your baby to become friendlier with the activity and not associate it with something that is uncomfortable or uneasy.

Be Aware:

There are many signs that your kid might let off when he/she wants to pee or poop. Minor things like wriggling toes, or even pressed thighs can be the most common indicators of this.

As soon as you feel that your baby is displaying these signs, try taking them to the potty. Once they start sing the loo more frequently, it will not take them much time to get used to and comfortable with it.

Routine it up:

Almost all of us, on waking up in the morning, feel the need to relieve ourselves. So don’t you think that your little ones might feel the same way? Ofcourse they do! So why not inculcate the habit of using the pot as soon as they wake up?

You can start this by making your little one sit on the pot after they wake up in the morning. Remember to appreciate your kid when they go potty right. This will put emphasis on the fact that what they are doing is a good thing and that you are happy with them about the same.

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