Potty Training: Pros and Cons

Are you planning to start training your little one to get used to the potty with all hands on deck? Well then, apart from the tips that we shared, these pros and cons too might just ready you better for what is in store for you!


  • We are sure that by now you would have experienced how expensive diapers can be, well, thank god for potty training since you would be able to save a lot by not using diapers any longer!
  • Your little one will get better and better at being able to use the potty. Maybe he/she will not be able to do so physically in the beginning, but still would be able to communicate to you that they want to relieve themselves. As a result and as time passes, your kid will get better at being able to control their bladder and will also be quicker to use the bathroom like you want them to.
  • The earlier you start to train your little one, more are the chances that he/she will turn out fully trained earlier than most children thus, leading to lesser accidents.
  • Parent-child bonding increases. We are sure that you can understand how such an experience would be able to bring you and your baby closer to each other. Since potty training basically involves you keeping an eye out for any behaviour of your child that might indicate that he/she wants to pee or poop, you are, in this process getting more attuned to your little one’s needs and wants.


  • Potty training of your kid does not depend on the baby but on you and the baby’s caretaker. You need to remember that any caretaker’s responsibility lies in keeping the baby clean and dry all through the day,
  • Messiness is inescapable! Accidents and messes are part and parcel of the toilet training process, specifically during the initial stages. Be ready to clean and change your little one’s clothes when all these accidents happen.
  • Potty training can prove to be a major time consuming process and requires a lot of patience and effort from your end. Taking and getting your little one to and from the bathroom takes time and energy and is not something that should be taken lightly.
  • If under particular circumstances, you end up stopping your little one’s training mid-way, then you need to start all over again from the very beginning. Going back to diapers is never a good idea especially when you have started the potty training process already. The baby just might get comfortable in the diapers and refuse to use the pot after.

So have a good look everyone, because we hope that going into the process you know everything that needs to be known!

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