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Nutritional Requirement for 12 month old baby

Alternative Text By: Rahul Makkar | September 15, 2018

By the time your baby is a year old, he/she will have achieved a lot in terms of physical and mental growth both. Thanks to the incredible motor development and the strength in the muscles that your baby might have gained by now, he/she will need quite a few nutrients to usher in further development.

Nutrients Required


Iron, being a major nutrient that helps in the development of the brain is a crucial element that should be present in your baby’s daily food intakes. Food sources like meat, eggs, leafy vegetables are excellent sources of iron in particular.

It is a good idea to offer your baby atleast one source of iron rich food in a day. This will help his/her body absorb the iron better. Another things you can do to make sure the iron is absorbed by your baby better, is to combine the source with vitamin C rich fruit.

Vitamin D

At this stage, there is a lot of importance that should be given to nutrients like calcium and Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a very crucial nutrient since it helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the body more effectively than anything else.

Make sure that your baby gets plenty of sunshine since that is one best and natural sources of Vitamin D that you could ever find. But sometimes it is not necessary that you will get sunlight every-day. Hence foods like eggs, oily fish and cereals come into play.


Calcium is indeed an important requirement for any growing child as it helps your baby in the bone and teeth strengthening process effectively. Since by now your baby has weaned off of breast milk, he/she will need optimum amount of calcium supplies in order to maintain a healthy body and sound mind.

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