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Make your baby a part of festive preparations with these five tips!

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | November 22, 2021

It’s that time of the year again – when the city around you lights up and gets ready to celebrate all the upcoming festivals with much fervour! And as new parents, you would also want your little one to take part in the festivities. Even though they are still young, they can still enjoy these festivals and their preparations in a few simple ways. After all, it’s their first festive season – nothing like creating memories for a lifetime while enjoying with the family. So here’s how you can make your baby a part of festive preparations with a few tips:

Keep the baby clothes weather ready!

The festival season is also a time for seasonal change and it’s a good idea to ensure your baby’s comfort for the season before partaking in festival preparations. This includes taking good care of their skin, choosing winter-appropriate clothes and more. Choose comfortable and warm clothes in festival colours for your little ones. During this time, your baby’s skin can also dry out or they may be more prone to cold and cough. So reduce bath time, use plenty of moisturizer, install a humidifier (and air purifier if needed) and ensure their vaccinations are up to date. You can also choose charming raincoats and umbrellas for those seasonal showers to make sure your baby is always ready with that festive look!

Take festive family photographs

Nothing like capturing your baby’s first festival on film. As they are too young to partake fully in the festivals – taking a festive family photograph is surely one way to get them involved. Dress up in the beautiful attire of the festival and make a family postcard for all those family and friends who are staying abroad or in other cities. From cute Christmas photos to Diwali themed photoshoots – there’s a lot to do during this time. You can even choose props for the photoshoot for that added dose of cuteness.

Engage them in festive decorations

Who doesn’t love a nice decorated space? Whether you are setting up streamers or posters or painting decorative murals – why not make your baby your little helper? Even though they may be too young to actually decorate – they will love engaging with you by being your little helper. You can ask them to hand you the colourful decorative pieces or even put those finishing touches on the decor. Creative work time with a baby can also be a great bonding experience.

Explore their sweet tooth

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat and it’s the perfect season to explore all things sweet! If your baby is a little older, they can even take part in the festival preparations by being your little helper when it comes to decorating the sweets like placing dried fruits etc. And if your baby has started solids, this is the perfect opportunity for them to taste the amazing range of sweets of the season – just make sure they try the homemade goodies and in limited quantities. However, if your baby is still younger, fret not – you can always make some homemade fruit purees etc. to satiate their sweet tooth.

Keep them safe

Needless to say, this is also the time for many crackers and candles – so ensure that you take a few extra precautions to help your baby enjoy the festivities safely. If you are lighting up your home with electronic lights, make sure the power sockets are baby proofed. It’s a good idea to stay away from diyas and candles or keep them on surfaces where the baby can’t reach them or they won’t fall. You can choose colourful flowers for decoration for a baby-safe festive season. As the festivities get loud, do remember to protect their sensitive ears with ear muffs.

Happy Festive Season!

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