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Guide to trendy and comfy toddler shoes

Alternative Text By: Apurva Saxena Kalapalette | September 15, 2018

“All those clichés, those things you hear about having a baby and motherhood – all of them are true. And all of them are the most beautiful things you will ever experience.”

– Penelope Cruz

Motherhood is an experience that is shared by both the mother and the child. The onus lies on the caregivers and parents to make growing up enjoyable for the young one. How about starting with choosing a cute pair of footwear for the baby? While choosing crib shoes you need to consider that the fabric is soft, light-weight, breathable and does not bite. Check out our guide to Trendy and Comfy Toddler Shoes to help you pick the right ones for your infant.

Sock Shoes

These sock shoes are free-sized which are stretchable and can be worn by simply sliding the little one’s toes in them. They are a good choice for babies as the shoe size keeps adapting to the growing size of the foot. These come in beautiful motifs and designs and are also easy to wash and dry.

Knitted Crib Shoes

These lovely pair of knitted crib shoes will give warmth to the little feet of your baby. You can go for acrylic wool for more comfort. As these are slip-ons, these can be easily worn without causing any tightening around the ankles. The baby will always feel a soft cushiony touch at the feet which will keep him/her happy. If you have some free time on your hand, go ahead and try DIYing these with the softest wool available to you.

Soft Fabric Crib Shoes

These crib shoes with sporty motifs can be worn by both toddler boys and girls. The outer material is made of soft fabric with a harder sole to support your crawling infant. These comfortable and durable shoes will be perfect for any casual gathering and add playfulness to your baby’s attire by going with fun prints and motifs.

Mary Jane Crib Shoes with Strap

These light-weight Mary Jane crib shoes with Velcro strap will give your baby’s tiny feet the protection they need. Let your toddler steal the limelight of the party by rocking a party dress and casual leggings with these stylish shoes, without compromising on the comfort and soft touch when worn for longer hours. The straps secure the shoes in place, even if your infant likes being active. From colors to prints, match your little girl’s dresses with an array of Mary Jane shoes available in the market.

Floral Ballerinas

For a more pleasing design of crib shoes, go for pretty ballerinas which come embellished with artificial flowers, bows and prints. These are soft, lightweight and quick to wash and dry. Pull up a pair of lace socks under these ballerinas during colder seasons. These work perfect for your infants who are active crawlers and walk learners, to keep their feet protected from harsh floors.

From being animated in the crib, learning to crawl to taking their first steps; let the infants experience it all wearing their first few pair of trendy shoes to give them the comfort and support without compromising on their day to day activities.

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