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Exercises to help baby stand

Alternative Text By: Pallavi Gunni | October 23, 2018

Once your baby starts crawling, all moms wait for the time when their baby will stand and walk towards them and express their love by hugging. Small changes in the lifecycle of a baby – from crawling to walking, trying to speak are nothing less than miracles for parents.

As parents, we are always confused what the right age is for a normal baby to stand.

As per doctors the right age for a normal baby to stand is 9 months, 9th month is considered the best age for any baby to start moving, if your baby has started standing before the age of 9 months don’t panic, it’s okay.

Before the baby starts standing and moving around, one has to make his surrounding a safer place, like removing all poky stuff, removing all the excess furniture or cupboard from the room, so that is becomes easy for the baby to stand and walk.

As the baby has initially started standing it is very important for us to follow few standard exercises that help the baby to stand strong and walk –

Indulge in water play

Enrol your child in swimming classes or include some water activities at home, as it helps strengthen muscle, coordination and balance.

Stand on one foot

Standing on one foot is known as the basic balancing skill, though it is quite difficult for babies, but you can start by having one foot on stool, so it becomes little easy for the baby, in this way he will learn to balance himself.

Encourage with toys

Toys attract the little one, so try placing the toys on a shelf or table which is easily approachable by the baby, so he pushes himself to pick the toy. Stay close to keep a check on him.

Motivate him

Whenever your child tries to stand up, motivate him, cheer him on by clapping, patting, smiling in this manner – it will boast his confidence and he will be encouraged by himself to stand.

Leg movement is the best exercise

Best way to build strong muscle, so that the baby can hold his weight while standing is by circular movement of leg – make the baby lie down on his back then lift his legs and move them in slowly in circles like cycle movement. Follow this exercise daily for 5 minutes.

Use staircase

Encourage your child to climb up and down in the staircase, keeping him close to avoid any mishap. Climbing up and down will promote trunk and lower body dissociation and strengthening.

Hold your baby and help them to stand

Seeing you take a step, the baby will follow your movement each time you move forward, so this will gradually help him in standing.

Each baby is different from the other, some take time to stand, others stand before their ideal age – it’s because of the biological development of the baby – there is nothing wrong in it. They are crafted in this manner. We as parents need to be patient and encourage our little ones. Do not compare your child to others. Comparison is not healthy in any way. There’s a right time for everyone, just wait for the right time and if something is bothering you, consult your paediatrician.

This content has been certified by our panelist Dr. Rajiv Chhabra

Dr. Rajiv Chhabra

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