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Everything you should know before buying the first baby diaper

Alternative Text By: PokoChan | April 17, 2018

Now that you have welcomed your little one into the world, you also need to gain some experience and expertise in the area of shopping for your baby. We understand your concerns and are always here to guide you in anyway you want. Baby products will usually include anything and everything from milk bottles and toys to more essential things like diapers and other hygiene products.

Diapers are one of the most important things that will support your little one’s growth for quite a long time. This is something that you cannot afford to compromise on. But how can you determine which diaper is the best for your baby? There are a few criteria that you can look at when buying your baby’s first diaper.


There are a lot of diapers available in the market nowadays and all of these have different features. In the beginning, you can always use diapers that are especially available for newborns as these diapers are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the newborn and make sure that the little one stays comfortable and hygienic.

There are plenty of different types of diapers in the market. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Cloth Diapers: At a time when your little one’s skin is at its most vulnerable, cloth diapers might seem like a good idea. However the main hassle with cloth diapers is that they need to be washed constantly. This could, in turn harm your little one by causing rashes because of the leftover bacteria in the diaper.
  • Disposable Diapers: Disposable diapers are quite convenient for people who are tired of having to wash soiled diapers on a regular basis. And now, thanks to a few brands, using disposable diapers has become a breeze. Using the best quality materials, these companies make sure that diapering becomes an easier and safer experience for you and your baby as well!
  • Pre-folded and Unfolded Diapers: Pre-folded diapers are the sort that just needs to be put on the little one like an underwear. The only work that needs to be done is for you to fasten the folds of the diaper together.
  • Unfolded diapers however need to be folded manually so that it can form the shape of a diaper. There are pre-existing creases in the diaper to guide you so that you can achieve the exact shape of a diaper.
  • Reusable diapers: Reusable diapers are essentially used to last over a longer time. The high quality of the materials used to make the diapers ensure that they do not disintegrate and are more durable too. The only problem with this kind of diapers is that you need to wash them regularly so as to maintain a certain level of hygiene.


We hope that by now you must have come to some sort of decision as to what kind of diaper you want to use for you baby. So now comes the time when you need to figure out what size of diaper you need to buy for the little one. Usually, in the beginning, you can just decide to stock up on diapers in the market that are particularly available for a newborn. You need to keep in mind that when you do decide to start picking out diapers for your baby keeping size-wise, then you need to take your baby’s weight into account first.

Most of the brands in the market offer diaper sizes according to your child’s weight and that is exactly how you need to pick your little one’s diaper! Always remember to keep a tab on your little one’s weight so that you can choose the best diaper for him/her.

If at any point of time you notice leakages or wetting, then it could possibly be the result of an ill-fitted diaper. In that case, you should consider changing the size of the diaper that you currently use. The more your child grows, the more essential it becomes for you to choose the diaper that has a great fit and brilliant absorbency power at the same time. This ensures that your little one stays happy and dry all the while!

Other Factors


Absorbency is another factor that needs to be kept in mind when picking your little one’s first diaper. A diaper that has good absorbency power will always prove to be more beneficial for your baby, when compared to one that doesn’t. The more the little one grows, the more he/she starts producing. As a result of this, you would need to choose a diaper that has better absorbency power than the last one.


Size and fit, obviously go hand-in-hand. But sometimes, in a new born a perfect size might not necessary mean a perfect fit. This is because of sensitive navel stump that still remains on your baby for a few days post birth. This stump can be difficult to accommodate in some diapers. However, there are easily available and disposable diapers in the market that do accommodate this very important milestone of your baby’s growth too, so you need not fret!

Finding the right diaper for your little one might seem like a task to you, but we hope that when you do, it helps you and your little one grow closer together and stay healthy and happy throughout.

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