Easy remedies to treat Diaper Rashes at home

We understand that the words “Diaper rash” might just cause you some anxiety. But don’t worry! Even though there is a probability that your little one might get a diaper rash once in his infanthood, it is something that is easily treated. This is a normal situation, though a preventable one. To make sure that the little one steers clear of any diaper rashes that might befall its sensitive skin, you need to first understand what causes a diaper rash.


  • Sensitivity: Every little one’s skin sensitivity is different; it does not necessarily mean that a certain diaper that suits one child might suit yours as well. So finding the right diaper for your baby becomes extremely important.
  • Wetness: If your diaper does not have the best absorbency then there is a chance that your little one might get diaper rashes. However even if your diaper has a good absorbency power then also there is a chance that your little one might end up getting a rash. This could happen due to even a little amount of moisture content that could be the result of not having his/her diaper changed in time.
  • There are ofcourse more obvious causes that we tend to over look sometimes, which too can be the cause of a diaper rash. For example, if your baby has been sleeping or sitting in a soiled diaper without it being changed for quite sometime, then it might lead to rashes on his/her sensitive skin. Even an ill fitted diaper on your baby can easily lead to a diaper rash without you noticing.

Other causes like the consumption of antibiotics that might lead to yeast infections or the introduction of new foods that could cause allergic reactions in your baby could also result in the appearance of rashes.


  • Remembering to change the diaper frequently could go a long way in avoiding diaper rashes. As soon as you think you feel even a tiny bit of wetness, change the diaper without waiting.
  • Before you change the diaper, remember to clean your baby’s bum area thoroughly.
  • If using wipes, try the ones that don’t have chemicals in them and are alcohol free. This will help prevent rashes that might occur due to certain chemicals that might be present in the wipes.
  • Never try rubbing the bum area in order to clean it. To dry off your baby’s skin remember to only pat dry.
  • After your baby has pooped and it seems like he/she might have had a good bowel moment, try to keep him/her diaper free for a bit.
  • Things like petroleum jelly will help create a barrier between the diaper and your baby’s skin, thus preventing any moisture from the diaper penetrating it resulting in rashes.
  • And if all else fails, then we have two words for you: coconut oil! Coconut oil is truly a miracle worker. It’s not only brilliant at treating diaper rashes, but since it is a natural ingredient, the chances of it having any kind of side effect is next to none!

Should you visit the doctor?
If you think that the rash seems to be infected or if the rash has not subsided even after 4-5 days, then it would be better if you visit your doctor to have him take a better look at it. If you are confused as to how you can determine whether the rash is affected or not, then there are signs that you need to watch out for. Things like swelling in a particular area or discharge from the affected area leading to open sore are sure shot signs that the diaper rash is infected and that the little one needs to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Keeping these precautions and tips in mind will go a long way in ensuring that diaper rashes are the least of your worries when it comes to your baby’s health and well-being.

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