Dry Skin on Newborn and how to care for it

A baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s and thus needs special care and attention. Since the little one’s skin is extremely delicate, new-borns especially are very prone to dry skin! There are many factors that might lead to your baby developing skin dryness, including but not restricted to cold and dry outdoor air to even indoor heating.

There are a few things that you can do and keep in mind that will ensure that your little one does not face dry skin issue.


Moisturizer is your little one’s best friend right now. As soon as your baby’s had his/her bath, remember to towel dry him/her before applying moisturizer. Always keep in mind that the moisturizer should go onto the little one’s skin minutes after he/she comes out of the bath as this process will help seal in the water that is already present on the skin.

There are many types of moisturizers available in the market. From lotions to creams and ointments, the basic difference between all three is their varying thickness. If even after applying a lotion your little one’s skin seems dry, then a cream or an ointment could prove to be a better option.

Using a moisturizer twice or thrice in a day might also be needed if your little one has very dry skin. Remember, the thicker the cream/lotion/ointment, the better!

Say No to powder

Powder is essentially used for drying the skin or absorbing excess moisture. You obviously do not want that now in this situation, do you? Even perfumes for that matter have a drying effect on the skin and should be avoided for dry skin.

The same can be said about laundry products, especially the scented ones! Scented laundry products, traces of which might be left on the clothes of your little one, can seriously irritate your baby’s skin. So when you do use laundry products, try to use unscented products, and make sure that no residue is left on the clothes.

Reduce Bath Time

Despite the fact that bathing removes dirt from the skin, it also ends up removing the moisture and natural oils from the skin in the process. Try to keep your little one’s bath time to a maximum of 15 minutes, and use little soap and warm water. Remember not to use hot water as it will only dry the skin out further.

Just keep in mind that by merely taking a few precautions you can easily ensure that your baby’s skin stays soft, smooth and supple all through the year.

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