Day Out with Newborn: What You Need

Travelling with newborn babies is challenging but a bit of know-how about travelling with small children can make it easy.

My girl gets very excited once she comes to know about that we are on the go. Young children have short attention spans and get tired very quickly; tips below can help your travel be a pleasing experience:

Be prepared for the climate

Knowing about the environment where you are planning to go is a good thing to fill your bags with required things, like for example if you a visiting a cold place you can Google the climatic conditions there and fill your bags with warm clothing, gloves, socks etc. to layer him up and still make your child stay active during his stay and enjoy himself. But make sure that he is not layered up too much as that can also make him cranky during the stay.

Stay Protected

When you are travelling antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizers should be essentials in the handbag, we often do not come across hand wash facilities when at bay and keeping your kids protected using sanitizers can keep them away from bugs. Baby wipes are useful for washing hands, cleaning toilet seats, and wiping down restaurant tables.

I make sure to keep anti mosquito cream / stickers too as an essential as you never know if there is a bug attack while you are visiting a zoo, going on jungle safari, or visiting a damp place.

Medicines for fever and colic, Band-Aids, nappy rash cream, should also be kept handy.

Don’t fill their stomachs too much.

Don’t feed children more while travelling as this can result in vomiting. But in case of newborns you can always breastfeed the baby while travelling.

Carry a nursing cape if you are breastfeeding your baby. You can also carry a feeding bowl and spoon if you have started weaning the baby. There are ready to eat purees available in the market which are very helpful while travelling.

You should be sure of keeping an extra pair of dress, a towel hanky / wipes etc. to avoid last minute rush on such accidents.

Disposable bibs can be a good thing to carry to avoid dirty clothing.

Pre-book your journey

Finding accommodation when you arrive can be challenging with children in tow. So even if you do want to keep things flexible, it’s worth pre-booking for your first few nights: this will allow you to look for other places in a more leisurely way.

On the GO

Carrying babies in a sling strapped to the body is a popular option; both hands remain free, I think they are the perfect travel aid.

Hand-held carrycots and prams are superb for babies small enough to carry when on the move, and can double up as a bed in the hotels as most hotels do not have shields to prevent babies falling off the bed. An extra pair of baby sheets too help baby sleep on a sanitized home fresh sheet than those available at the hotels.

If your children still crawl around on the floor, one way of keeping them reasonably clean is to take a plastic sheet that you can put down anywhere for them to play on.

When at hotels be careful about the dangers of unfamiliar places, such as unfenced swimming pools or balconies.

Take care, hope these tips help you out with your kid outdoor, and share your experiences too.

I hope you found my article helpful.

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