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Childproofing Your Home: How Essential Is It?

Alternative Text By: Pallavi Gunni | July 17, 2018

As moms we are always struggling for ideas or tips on how to make our homes more secure, kid-friendly, so no mishap ever happens. We are so concerned about the little ones that we don’t take any chances on child safety. To be very honest, being a mum myself, it’s not always possible to track your baby every minute, and that is the time our babies need to be safe, making childproofing an important part of parenting.

Childproofing is not limited, in terms of age or places. From the time a baby starts moving, his curiosity level increases and he wants to know everything around him. The baby explores everything but sadly he/she is not aware of any dangerous corners and nooks. This is where childproofing comes into play. As a mom I would say, it’s always preferable to take precaution than to find trouble.

I have provided a few easy and everyday childproofing ways here:

Keep your cupboards and kitchen drawers locked

Keep your power socket covered and taps locked

As they are learning to stand or walk, they keep falling. Keep furniture aside or cover sharp edges with rubber

Always remember to latch the doors and windows

Keep the kitchen and balcony door closed

For me, it is very important to make my home safe for my little one. Now, one faces the obvious questions of where and how to start. We need to think from the baby’s perspective and analyse. Here’s a quick checklist for childproofing your house room by room:


Don’t clutter your room with unnecessary things – remove unwanted racks, wall hanging, medicines and make up products.


Keep your bathroom door locked as they have many such things which can be hazardous.

Always drain your bath tub after using it.

Use anti-slip mats.

Keep razors, shampoos and other such products out of the reach of children.


It is one of the most dangerous areas of the house as it has sharp objects, spices etc and it is best to keep it locked when unsupervised.

Install baby gate near stair case or wherever required.

Install child proof locks and door alarms.

Keep electrical appliances out of the reach.

Install bumper pads all over.

However, nothing can substitute a mom’s supervision. These tips are to help and give you a little peace of mind. Use your common sense, to avoid any mishap. Tell us what steps you took to childproof your home in the comments below.

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